. Top 20 Cute Handcrafted Wedding Gift Ideas From Etsy

Top 20 Cute Handcrafted Wedding Gift Ideas From Etsy

Wedding Gift

Going to attend A lovely wedding but do not have any idea what you should give to the gorgeous couple?

Fret not!

We are here to back you up.

Finding the perfect heartwarming and jaw-dropping gift for your favorite couple is not in any way an easy task. Every couple has different choices and preferences. And it is not possible for one to accurately know who likes what. It depends on our wits and judgment to choose what gift would be ideal for the newlyweds.

As we already know that if we search properly, there is something or the other for everyone, everywhere, every time. And fortunately, you can get everything in one place on Etsy.

Etsy has a huge collection of numerous types of stunning gifts for couples. You can get everything you want ready at your doorstep, from traditional to sophisticated.

However, the long search may be tiring for you.

In this article, we have listed 20 of the best wedding gift ideas for couples. If you are worried about what you should get them, consider either of the following. We can assure you that the couple will absolutely love your gift.

Effortlessly become the couple’s favorite guest by gifting them their ideal gift without having to put in much effort.

Everyone likes the gift ideas provided below, and you won’t be disappointed getting them!

Top 20 Cute Handcrafted wedding gift ideas

1. Wedding portraits

Wishes to gift something extraordinary, authentic, and chic as a wedding gift?

Then the perfect idea is to gift your lovely new couple a beautifully painted wedding portrait.

You can select the picture you would like to have in the frame and get it done in a simple, sober artistic portrait. Send your color preferences, the picture you would like to illustrate, and any text you would like to include to the Etsy maker.

Keep in mind that these pictures do not come framed, you need to frame them separately by yourself or take them to a frame shop, and they will do it for you.

2. Customized Engraving of Wedding Vows on Acrylic

Forgot to get something for the couple in a hurry? Were you too busy with the wedding arrangements that you forgot that you needed to buy a gift for the lovebirds? But do you wish to give them something so memorable that it reminds them of their flawless wedding for the years to come?

Then a must-consider gift option you should consider is customized engraving wedding vows printed on acrylic.

You may ask the couple for a copy of the wedding vows they took during their grand wedding and get them printed So that whenever they look at it, they relive their special moments and cherish them forever!!

3. Customized luggage tags

A luggage tag is probably one of the nicest and cutest gifts for a lovely new couple. It’s for sure that after marriage, the new couple will go on many enthusiastic trips, Whether by road or by plane, and luggage tags ensure that you don’t lose your luggage.

Cute matching funny luggage tags with customized messages for the newlyweds can make the luggage look even cuter than before.

4. Custom chess boards

Do you want to get something for the couple that would be entirely out-of-the-box yet a fascinating gift?

Custom chess boards

You know, almost everyone loves to play games, and when it comes to chess, it is probably the most loved game of every person.

Then how about handcrafted custom chess sets with personalized colors?

The wooden chess sets from Etsy come with a fine-lined box with wooden chess pieces, and the board can be customized according to your favorite colors and designs.

Even if the couple is not an avid chess enthusiast, a magnetic chess set can still be a gorgeous accessory for the bedroom nightstand or the living room table.

5. Peachy pink with grey-blue textured pillow

Weekends are all about fun movie nights and lazy mornings.

Make the lazy weekends that the couple would be spent eating, laughing, and watching movies on the bed or the couch special with a beautiful pair of pillows with peach, grey and blue combined. Specially handcrafted in India, it has tassels on its corners to add the cherry on top.

What more would one want on a lazy weekend afternoon that would be better than a beautiful pillow that they can flaunt in front of their guests as well as use for their leisure?

6. Handcrafted Wooden frame

Whether it be your favorite Bible verse or song lyrics that you find befitting for the newlyweds, they should have it anywhere in their homes.

Be it in their dining or living room in their bedroom as a piece of decor and as a mark for the beginning of new life that they would be starting together from the day following, and you can get them customized on your wooden frame for them.

It is an absolutely stunning and fabulous gift option for the newlyweds.

7. Stained glass flowers

Glass flowers look absolutely beautiful when put together in an aesthetic background. They accentuate the beauty of your walls to another extent.

You can collect a lot of stained glass flower patterns, put them together in one single vessel, and gift the set to your loved couple for designing it on their living room table. You can have a pretty showpiece ready for the couple in no time.

Customize your own multicolored stained glass flowers and gift them to the couple as a showpiece and see how they would love it.

8. Preserved wedding bouquet

We know how special the wedding day blooms are. If you cannot organize anything at the last moment as a wedding gift, ask the newly wedded couple for their wedding blooms. Then tug the beautiful flowers on the wedding day into a frame and, tie the strings of the couple’s heart even after the big day has passed.

The preserved blooms would remind them of how beautiful the day was and would always remain in their good memories. Ask the bride for the bouquet and send love their way through the framed and preserved wedding bouquet holder. Make your gifts special and memorable for years to come.

9. Aesthetic Porcelain frill plates

How about having a modern take on the traditional approach with heirloom-worthy porcelain plates?

If you want to add a touch of luxury to the dining table of the love birds, the frill plate is an absolute must-have!

Frill plates are a new take that everybody is going to love. The decoration is never complete without beautiful utensils. Thus, this aesthetic frill plate is a must in the household of every newlywed. These small plates are perfect for after-dinner desserts.

You can also get them in large sizes as well as in medium sizes. They are available in sets for up to 8 pieces.

10. Brass and glass Photo print box

If you want to explore a little with DIY, then the perfect DIY project you should try your hands on is the photo print box.

Print many amazing pictures of the lovely couple, how they have spent the years and have come this long. Print this journey using photos on small 5”× 7” photo cards. Place all of them into the handmade keepsake box made of brass and glass.

You can also put other small gifts into these brass and glass boxes.

11. Personalized wedding box

For couples who already have everything of their own that they would need after the wedding, it is best suggested that you give them a memorable wedding box.

A customized wedding box contains polaroid pictures, dried flowers, cards, and many more. If you wish to gift it on the wedding day, ask the bride for some old flowers the groom might have gifted her when dating.

You can request custom-made pendants with these old flower petals, cards, and many more.

12. Ceramic fruit bowls

Another piece of gift you can give to the newlyweds that would be fashionable but also functional and traditional is the ceramic fruit bowl. They can use it to store fruits or even put them on the table as a piece of art.

It is super welcoming and attention-catching. No matter where it is placed, it is certain that your gift will grab the guests’ attention whenever they visit the newlyweds’ house.

13. Handmade wedding album

It can be a wonderful gift to the new bride and groom. A handmade wedding album is not only fun but also a lovely piece of memory. Every time they look at the album, it reminds them of how much you love them and how beautifully you have made it for them.

You can easily collect the couple’s pictures after the wedding is done. The handmade wedding album from Etsy has a lot of space where you can incorporate your favorite pictures of the couple from the wedding and give them the huge collection as a gift.

14. Stained glass portraits

If you want a pocket-friendly wedding gift but you want it to be delightful and cute, then a stained glass wedding portrait is probably a good deal to grab. It is beautifully designed with photos you want to be printed on the stained glass.

You can choose photos of the parties’ engagement to the wedding and see how meticulously these beautiful works are brought to life on the glass. It has a decorative metal board twisted on all sides. The portrait on the stained glass is a work of wire, and the couple will surely love it!

15. Bark Coasters Flowers

If the person you are thinking about what to gift is an avid nature lover, then what could be better than Bark Coasters Flowers?

These are beautiful flowers printed on the bark of the trees. They are naturally beautiful and give your home an exclusive grand look. You can hang them on the walls or decorate them by keeping them on your showcase.

It is not only a beautiful gift to be gifted to a couple, but you can also gift it to your partner on your wedding day. This beautiful piece of work is a must-have in every household.

16. Handmade wall arts

Handmade wall arts

For people who love decorating their house with new artwork, wall arts are a great token of love that you can gift to another.

Beautiful handmade wall art can be a great gift if the couple has recently shifted to a new house or is planning to move out of their parent’s after the wedding.

If the person loves to travel, you can give them a world map wall art, or if they are fond of history, you can give them art with historical incidents printed on them. Wall arts are available in a wide variety depending upon the person’s preferences.

17. Embroidery Hoop Art

Right now, these are one of the most trendy gifts that are being given at weddings. You can customize your type of trendy hoop art with pictures of a bride and a groom holding hands or taking vows or whatever you wish.

Specify the name of the parties, the date of the wedding, the year they met, the current year, and any quote you would like to get printed on the art. Share it with the Etsy maker, and you will get your customized embroidery hoop art for your favorite wedding couple in no time.

18. Candles with stonework


Vibrant colors and stonework are something everyone loves. They intensify the beauty of the place they are placed. They are effortlessly beautiful. And candles are known to light up the darkness.

So how about when the beauty of the candles is combined with the beauty of stonework? That is what you’ll be getting at Etsy.

A beautiful, vibrant work of stone art on candles would effortlessly elevate the room’s beauty and lighten up the newly wedded couple’s life. They can use it as a piece of decoration as well.

19. Customized templates as memorials

You can also give the newly wedded couple a wedding memory table frame as a grand memorial of their beautiful day. You can frame a beautiful quote or wedding lyrics on the memorial and gift it to them as the wedding gift, a memorial of their beautiful day.

You can stay assured that the memorial will always remind them of their beautiful day and how elegantly they have spent their time and togetherness.

20. Resin frames

If you are wondering about all the gifts listed you can give to your partner on your wedding day, the perfect idea is here. You can get resin framed for anything that is close to you and your partner’s heart.

This gift will never disappoint you. No matter how many gifts are available, this is the most unique and perfect gift you can give to your partner on the first day of your wedding and see how beautiful the gift will turn out.


Now that you have a wider concept of the gifts, we hope it will be easier for you to determine what you want to give your favorite couple on their once-in-a-lifetime special day. While deciding, make sure that you consider the emotional aspect as well as the materialistic aspect.

It would help if you kept in mind that the gift you are giving should be useful to them and remind them of you. The Gifts in this article have been picked very carefully so that you always remain in their good memories when you look back in time.