. How to Match Your Bouquet to Your Wedding Dress

How to Match Your Bouquet to Your Wedding Dress


More often than not, weddings are both a stressful and wonderful time for the people involved, but one little misstep can turn this wonderful occasion into a nightmare. This is why you need to make sure you do your research and think long and hard before making any decision and maybe even get the help of an expert. 

Any wedding dress-related decisions come under the same category, including your final choice for the wedding bouquet. In most cases, the flowers are going to be one of the only parts of the outfit that will add some pops of color to the whole thing. This is why your choice for your wedding bouquet, in particular, is significant. 


In case you were wondering about how to choose the right bouquet, keep reading! 

What Are Your Options? 

The first step in choosing the perfect bouquet is to ask yourself what varieties of flowers are available to you currently. Things like your geographical location, the time of year, and your budget can all affect your final choice. At the same time, things like your actual wedding dress, the theme for your wedding, and favorite colors and flowers come into play as well. 

Here are some of the options that are available through bridal bouquet delivery by a lot of popular online stores: 

Rose Bouquets: 

One of the most popular and classic choices – roses are affordable, delicate, smell amazing, and come in a variety of colors, which means that they can be added to a bouquet for many themes and dress styles. 

They can be arranged into a compact and intense bouquet, or a bursting arrangement full of flowers and leaves going all over the place. 


Another common flower in wedding bouquets, Tulips to are available in a wide variety of colors. These flowers fit best with more formal wedding occasions and aren’t the best for beach-themed or autumn and tropical-themed weddings. 


Peonies are a fan favorite when it comes to wedding bouquets, and they’re often made into bouquets with roses and another small flower, with some ferns, eucalyptus, lavender, or trailing greenery. 


Orchids are often added to smaller bouquets along with a different flower and are known to add a pop of color and some dimension to a bouquet, mainly because of how some varieties carry two colors on the same bloom. 

Consider the Budget 

Not all bouquets are created the same, and not all of them are priced the same either. According to Brides, the average bridal bouquet will cost you $250. Of course, the one you choose may end up costing more or less than this amount, but here’s how to make the final decision based on your budget – if you’re really worried about the cost, narrow your options down first. 

To avoid being tempted, turn on the filters for your price range when you shop online and make sure you let the florist know what your budget is when you shop in person. 

Flowers to Fit the Theme 

Choose arrangements and bouquets for your wedding according to the theme you’ve set for the wedding. For example, white roses aren’t going to be the best option for a beach wedding or an autumn wedding, but they can be a great option for more formal themes, especially combined with the right greenery and additions. 

It might also be a good idea to not choose the flowers, but to just look at bouquets and arrangements by a certain theme. When shopping online, you can ask a customer service representative to assist you with custom options if you can’t find any on the website, or you can contact your florist with a theme in mind instead of a particular type of flower. 

Bouquet Style

Dress Type and Bouquet Style 

Bouquets come in all different sizes, which is why you need to make sure your bouquet style and size go with the outfit you want. There’s a bouquet out there for the countless wedding dress styles you can choose from, and you need to keep both your body shape and your dress in mind when you pick the bouquet. 

Don’t pick anything that has trailing details that might hide some details on the skirt of your dress, and find the right balance between patterns and details. If you choose a bouquet made out of very small flowers to hold with a dress with small details, they’ll just look crowded and the whole look will be messy. 

Size of the Bouquet 

When shopping, always pay attention to how big the bouquet is versus your own body proportions. You don’t want a bouquet that looks too tiny or too big for you, and you don’t want something taking over the whole outfit either. 

wedding bouquet

For example, if your dress has a tight waist, you don’t want a bouquet that will be too big and hide that. You also need to be careful about making a bouquet look too small against a poofy wedding skirt, and pay attention to the overall shape. Roud and wide bouquets are perfect with certain outfits and body types, but more vertical and asymmetrical bouquets would work better with other body types. 

It might be a good idea to try out different bouquets with your dress before you make the final pick, or have at least the shape and size in mind. 

Additionl Elements 

Flowers may be the center of attention in bouquets, but they’re not the only thing to consider. The thing that makes bouquets so versatile is that even with the same flowers, adding in different elements to the bouquet can make two arrangements containing the same flowers look vastly different from one another. 

With most flower sellers, you might be able to request certain alterations that can add extra meaning to your bouquet, like a ribbon of your favorite color, the right pattern of the paper, or even some heart-shaped chocolates if you’re getting creative!