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How to Decorate a Grinch Christmas Tree?

Grinch Christmas Tree

All of us have separate faiths and religions, but in a secular country, festivals are for everyone, irrespective of faith and religion. Festivals give us a break from our daily boring lives and we dive into food, celebration, and a good time without friends. Now, one such festival which is celebrated worldwide is Christmas. It is celebrated widely and by people of all faiths.

The basics of Christmas remain the same no matter which part of the world you are in. The beautiful Christmas tree, cakes, drinks, gifts and of course, a good time with loved ones. Here, in this article, we shall look at a way in which we can light up our Christmas spirits, that is, we shall take a look at how you can decorate a Grinch Christmas tree and various Grinch Christmas tree decorations.

The story of the Grinch and how it is related to Christmas

The Grinch is a character created by Dr. Seuss, for his novel, “How The Grinch Stole The Christmas”, and over the years it has developed a strong fan base and a large number of people decorate Grinch-themed Christmas trees.

A Grinch-themed Christmas tree is now a pretty common sight in a lot of homes, during Christmas. In many Christian and non-Christian homes, you will be able to find a Grinch Christmas tree topper. We shall take a look at things like how you can place a Grinch Christmas tree topper or a Grinch Christmas tree skirt to make your decorations look great.

How can you decorate a Grinch-themed Christmas tree?

There are various ways in which you can decorate a Grinch Christmas tree. For example, you can use decorative items such as a Grinch Christmas tree topper or a Grinch Christmas tree skirt and you can also use other items designed and created by yourself, all of them Grinch-themed. Let us take a look at a few such things.

  • Replication of the Whoville Christmas tree

Anyone who is an avid fan of Dr. Seuss and his novels, and of course “The Grinch Who Stole The Christmas”, knows what Whoville is and might even know how a Whoville Christmas tree might look like. You need to use a large amount of red, white, and green color schemes and a huge number of twirly picks. You can create little cuts outs of the Grinch’s eyes, and stick them to the tree all over.

  • The topper

The most important and the most important part of a Grinch Christmas tree is a Grinch Christmas tree topper that will look quite funny and exciting as well. You can also buy other merchandise from the novel and decorate the tree with them.

  • Go big or go home

The biggest thing about a Grinch-themed Christmas tree is that it is going big or going home. So it needs to be big and grand and needs to attract a lot of attention. Thus, the best way to go is to decorate it. Thus, you also require a lot of deco mesh to decorate the perfect Grinch Christmas tree and also make it look funny enough to attract people’s attention. The best ones to use would be red and white and green striped deco mesh, spun in and out of the branches of the tree.

  • Addition of ornaments and picks

You can a lot of Christmas ornaments of green and red color to resemble a Whoville Christmas and you can also go for a lot of picks as they will remind you of a Whoville Christmas. Green, red and white is the colors to choose from.

How to make a Grinch Christmas Tree?

To make a Grinch Christmas tree, you can use toppers, Grinch skirts, picks, ornaments, and other handmade Grinch-themed accessories.

How The Grinch Stole The Christmas?

It is a famous children’s novel by Dr. Seuss about a peculiar creature named the Grinch, who is mean short-tempered and steals Christmas from the nearby town of Whoville. It is a must-read for children of all ages.


So, there are various things that you can choose to do if you are trying to make a Grinch Christmas tree and there are also additions that you can make by yourselves, that is, handmade Grinch-themed Christmas accessories that will look good on a Christmas tree. Well, what are you waiting for? You can start building a Grinch Christmas tree right now, with the most fun and exciting ornaments.