. How to Get Rid of a Cowlick: 8 Expert Tips

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick: 8 Expert Tips

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Cowlicks are that pesky part of your hair that often sticks up or out in a direction you don’t want it to. Unfortunately, cowlicks are a natural occurrence. This is a growth pattern where other areas of your hair meet, and the cowlick isn’t really sure which direction to go in. While it can be frustrating to style your hair with a cowlick, there are ways to embrace it and help it flow naturally with your hair or stand up to that pesky cowlick and tame it. Using professional hair styling products can help you accomplish either look.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick

Comb Your Hair in the Direction of the Cowlick

To make your cowlick stick out less, pun very much intended, you could choose to go with the flow. Literally. Find the spot where your cowlick is. Now, gently move your hair around at the root to determine which direction it may naturally lean towards. If you’re wearing your hair in the opposite direction and not styling it properly, this may be your problem. You can choose to style your hair in the direction your cowlick prefers to create a more finished look with no loose hairs sticking out from the top.

Use Styling Products and a Blow Dryer

Alternatively, you can choose to manipulate your cowlick into going the direction you want. (It is your hair after all, right?) But, this approach might take more time and effort. First, you’ll want to find professional hair care products that can help you manage that cowlick, like smoothing spray, hold gel, volumizer or root lift. If you’re trying to blow dry your hair in the opposite direction of the cowlick, apply something to add volume and then use a round brush to dry up and over the cowlick. This will not only lift your roots and add volume but also cover up and control your cowlick.

Keep It in Place with a Clip After Drying

After achieving that look with a blow dryer, use a crease-less clip on your still-warm hair to hold the hair down over the cowlick in place. This will help set the hair in the desired direction. Have you ever blow-dried your hair to perfection only to see those pesky hairs sticking out 10 minutes later? Moving your hair around before it’s cool can prevent your hard styling work from sticking. If you let your hair air dry, you can also use a clip to guide your hair over the cowlick and in the right direction, though it may not be as effective as using a blow dryer.

Hair spray
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Use Hairspray to Hold Style

Once you’ve achieved the look and tampered down that cowlick, use a texture spray for volume and texture, and finish with hairspray. Try a light hairspray if you want your hair to stay silky smooth but keep that gorgeous finish. You don’t want anything to weigh down the hair too much, which is why dry shampoo could also help lift oils and maintain the style.

Get a Haircut That Works with the Cowlick

Your hairstylist can help you identify a hairstyle that might work better with your cowlick, depending on where it’s growing. You could opt for a dramatic pixie cut with a short, choppy finish that will hide the stray cowlick hairs. Or, you may want to try training your part in a different direction or even consider getting bangs that can allow your cowlick to grow in its natural direction.

Approach the Cowlick the Same No Matter Where It Is

No matter where your cowlick is, you want to approach it the same way. If it’s at the crown of your head or the front of your forehead, you’ll want to take the same approach — whether that means going with the flow or manipulating against the cowlick.

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‘Reset’ Your Hair by Wetting the Area

If your cowlick is not cooperating, you can always do a reset. Wet just the cowlick area of your hair with a spray bottle. You want it to be wet enough and it doesn’t hold the same shape as it did dry, but avoid getting your entire head wet so you can maintain the style on the rest of your hair. Then, blow dry the cowlick area again in the direction you want. You may have to apply a bit more styling product before drying.

Consider Embracing Your Cowlick

Though there are ways to style around your cowlick, there is always the option to let your cowlick by itself and create a look around it. If you already have shorter hair, try using styling gel for a messy look that will camouflage your cowlick with the rest of your hair.

Say Goodbye to Your Pesky Cowlick

Whether you choose to allow your cowlick to go in its natural direction, or embrace your cowlick, or style over it, you can manage how it looks. Incorporating professional hair styling products into your hair styling routine is essential to any of these tips to help maintain the chic finish you’re looking for.