. Liquid Lipstick Mistakes to Avoid

Liquid Lipstick Mistakes to Avoid

Liquid Lipstick Mistakes

Liquid lipstick is undoubtedly one of the best fast-drawing and long-lasting formulas you will ever find, no matter which budget or luxury brand you want to use. Therefore, it is not a surprise that people worldwide are busy looking for ways to apply that perfect liquid lipstick look. But worry not when we are here to give you all the tips you will ever need!

Five liquid lipstick mistakes you have probably been making

If you are facing problems like chapped lips, heavy face, or unflattering lip lines, chances are you have been making the following mistakes.

When removed, the good news is that these mistakes can make a big difference in your look, and removing them indeed needs just a little knowledge and setting the correct habits.

Not doing Lipcare

Not doing Lipcare

Not doing skin and lip care is the biggest general mistake you can make against any flawless makeup look. A good lip care routine involves consistency and dedication, and you will likely need moisturizing and exfoliating daily and mainly before you apply the liquid lipstick. The biggest reason liquid lipstick is chapped is simply that your lips are chapping due to lack of care.

Not lining the lip first

Applying a proper lip liner guides the direction in which your liquid lipstick brush will be moving and makes your look appear more put together at the end of the day. The lip liner can match your lipstick exactly or be of a different shade depending on what kind of look you are going for. But whatever they look like, incorporating the lip liner itself in the process is very important.

Over-applying the lipstick

Over-applying the lipstick

The biggest reason why your lipstick might be looking unflattering is counterintuitive – you need to apply more of it. As long as you don’t see any area of your lip which has your skin peeking out, you are probably good to go. Intuitively you must think that the more you apply, the longer your lipstick will stay, and all that is the case with other lipsticks. A liquid lipstick simply does not work like that.

Re-applying after it has dried

Again with other lipsticks, it is always a good idea to re-apply it after you have had an exciting day or a really filling meal. However, when it comes to liquid lipstick, it is never a good idea to apply too much of it, and it is definitely a bad idea to keep using your lipstick again and again after the first layer has dried up.

You are pressing your lips together

Often we tend to push our lips together after applying the lipstick formula so that the gradient is smooth and uniform. Again this is not the healthy application of a liquid lipstick works. If you want to even out the gradient and make the lipstick look smooth, always use the liquid lipstick brush, and don’t wait till the lipstick has dried.

Never smudge your lips together, as this will ruin your look completely.


In this article, we covered the many liquid lipstick mistakes to avoid if you want to enjoy the best look possible. Cleaning up is also essential, so don’t forget to carry cotton buds and wet wipes for a mess-free cleanup.