. Effective Ways To Feel More Body Confident

Effective Ways To Feel More Body Confident

Body Confident

Feeling comfortable in your body, regardless of size and shape, makes you more confident in all aspects of your life. Unfortunately, about 91% of women don’t feel comfortable with their bodies and turn to diet to achieve an ideal body shape, according to survey findings on Dosomething org. Negative perception about body image is something that should be taken seriously since poor body confidence can have a significant effect on your physical and emotional health.

Once the idea of having a perfect body size and shape consumes you, you forget about being healthy and set unrealistic fitness goals that escalate emotional distress. The good news is, you can learn to love your body and be confident in it. However, looking and feeling great about your body takes time and requires a lot of patience. If you worry about your body shape not being ideal, below are tips for feeling more body confident. 

Change Your Perspective on Body Image

The first step to gaining body confidence is understanding why you have negative thoughts about your body image. To uncover the beliefs, thoughts, and values that prevent you from loving your body, ask yourself why you experience low body confidence. Then try to develop a positive perspective of your body image. 

Changing your perspective about your body image revolves around connecting with yourself. You can achieve this through mirror work, a process that involves showing self-admiration in front of a mirror. It’s natural to fall into negative self-talk, but when you find yourself focused on body flaws, look at yourself again in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations like “I love myself” or “I love my body.” Practicing mirror work every day for at least three minutes helps you gain a deeper connection with yourself and see past your imperfections. 

Choose Healthy Foods

It’s important to understand that there’s a close connection between body image and healthy food choices. According to professional advice on Nutritionist Resources, eating healthy foods helps boost body confidence. Typically, when you consume food that isn’t good for your body, you might feel guilty about your choices. Self-judgment regarding diet often leads to food restrictions or unhealthy dieting, which have a negative impact on your health and perception of body image. 

To improve your mood and self-esteem, ensure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. Nutritious foods that improve body confidence include fresh fruits and vegetables, oily fish, whole grains, eggs, meat, nuts, beans, and oats. Herbs like lavender, garlic, and sage are also ideal for reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. You may also want to reduce your caffeine and sugar intake since nutritionists say that these substances can affect your mood, leaving you feeling tired and less confident. 


Practice Physical Self-care

When you take good care of your body, you’ll think and feel positive about yourself. On top of eating healthy meals, make sure to get enough sleep, stick to a healthy workout routine, and get healthcare checkups regularly. Getting enough sleep reduces the risk of obesity, stress, and depression, factors that limit your ability to appreciate your body. Meanwhile, going for regular healthcare checkups is one of the most important steps to practice self-care that people overlook, but it’s essential since it helps you understand your body’s condition and find ways to improve your health.

Apart from reducing your risk of getting sick, checkups help doctors detect and treat conditions like reticular veins that make you feel you have zero control over your body. Because spider veins occur even when you eat healthy and exercise, they make you feel less confident about your physical appearance. Currently, doctors help patients remove spider veins safely using laser technology. Laser treatment for spider veins helps women regain their confidence within a short time frame. With laser technology, you permanently eliminate visible veins from all parts of the body, including the face, and treat other skin issues like pigmentation, scarring, rosacea, and acne.  

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Confident 

Wearing clothes that make you feel good is a great step to regaining your body confidence. After all, what you wear showcases your personality. So, when shopping for clothing, experiment with different styles and opt for those that express your values and beliefs while offering maximum comfort. For example, let’s say you want to express power and confidence through your choice of clothes. Go for an outfit with bold colors, textures, patterns, and even jewelry that give others the impression that you are confident and powerful. 

Many people, especially women, lack body confidence because they allow themselves to be consumed by the idea of a perfect body size and shape. While poor body image doesn’t sound harmful, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Fortunately, you can improve body confidence by practicing self-care, changing negative body image perception, eating healthy food, and choosing clothes that make you feel good.