. Best Ideas for Light Blue Nails for Your Next Manicure Session

Best Ideas for Light Blue Nails for Your Next Manicure Session

Light Blue Nails

Acrylic nails offer a ton of fun and innovative designs to express your creativity. This iconic piece of makeup is so customizable that it can suit anything you want, in any way. From long pointed stiletto nails to short round nail tips, acrylics have changed the world of nail care and beauty.

Acrylic nails give you the chance to experiment with different lengths and interesting styles, and colors, be it short round tips, square French manicures, or a set of lengthy, bright-colored nails or stiletto-shaped nails, and the list is endless.

Thousands of creations can be made using a set of acrylic nails. While red, yellow, purple, and pink are all basic colors, today we have for you, one of the sweetest colors to ever exist – Light blue. Light blue nails and their similar shades are very adjustable and accommodable.  

Take a look at these ideas for light blue nails and find yourself the cutest set.

Designs for Light Blue Acrylic Nails

1. Light blue nails

Light blue is a very pretty color that can go with just about anything. Light blue nails look good in all shapes and textures. You can get light blue gel nails or light blue acrylic nails as per your choice. Some of the best shapes for light blue are a coffin or even a short round acrylic looks super cute.

You can experiment with the light blue color by adding any design or elements like jewels, ornaments, etc. light blue long matte nails with pretty diamonds are also a great option.

2. Baby blue acrylic nails

Baby blue, as the name suggests, is one of the softest and lightest hues of blue. This color looks extremely pretty on short nails manicure. You can get pretty baby blue nails for your spring nails.

You can convert them into summer nails by adding white and yellow flowers. Baby blue and pink contrast very nicely together, so you can give them a try if you feel like it.

3. Light blue nails with glitter

Glitter nails are great for parties and glam functions. Light blue nails with glitter can be obtained in various ways. Firstly, you can apply a lighter shade of blue as the base coat, and top it off with a darker shade of blue glitter.

Say you choose a greenish light blue color and aqua and top it off with vibrant blue color. Otherwise, you can also contrast. The mermaid effect is a very famous glitter blue design where gold dust made in designs and patterns is used as the glitter over a blue base.

4. Light blue coffin nails

Wondering what is simple and elegant but looks funky at the same time? Coffin light blue nails are the answer. Coffin nails are long nails with square tips and an oval body. These nails can match all designs, occasions, and outfits, from strolling in the park to attending a party. You can get your coffin light blue nails in matte, gloss, or gel, whatever you feel like and they will all look very pretty.

5. Short oval flower nails

Oval short light blue nails are best for spring. To make it even more sure, take a defining pen, white and yellow color. Add small angled white flowers with yellow pods on each nail. You can make 2 in each nail to make it look more even. This look is simple and sophisticated and too cute to resist. Get them for your next manicure.

6. Light blue Ombre tips

Want light blue nails with designs that look unique and cute? Light blue and orange ombre nails are the answer. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to contrast blue with orange or use any color of your choice. But keep in mind that the color should be the complete opposite of blue, i.e., the color should be a hue of red like magenta, maroon, or pink, for the entire look to turn out at its best.

7. Marble effect

Are you looking for something unique and out of the box? How about light blue nails with the design of marbles? As good as it sounds, truth is, it looks even better. And the best part about this look is, that it is very easy to make, however, only if done by a professional. To get this look, ask your manicurist to paint the nails light blue and get the marbling effect done with white color.

8. Pastels

Light blue pastels are an effortless style to go for. You can keep these nails for as long as you want, as they are very convenient and friendly to carry.

The pastel shades of blue enhance the nails making them more beautiful than ever. You can get these shades of pastel on the long, short, oval, coffin, basically, any nail you want.

9. Light Blue Flower Nails

Looking for something floral? Light blue nails with pressed flowers are one of the best looks to go for. To get this design, all you have to do is ask your nail designer to insert pressed flowers under the base of the acrylic. You can get them on all your finger with light blue long coffin acrylic nails and top it off with a clear base as you like. To enhance the element of blue, you can use a fine-tip brush to draw blue lines over a clear flower-pressed base.

In conclusion

These were nine great ideas for light blue nails. We hope you liked it, and if you did, choose your next manicure from here, or get your creative juices to flow to make one on your own.