. 14 Exquisite Black Women Hairstyle Suggestions

14 Exquisite Black Women Hairstyle Suggestions

Women all over the world have often been conscious of the type of hairstyle that they wear. More often than not, the nature of a woman’s hair is to enhance or diminish their beauty. As a result, women are always looking for stylish hairstyles that bring out their best facial features. Below are some of the popular hairstyles for women.


Over the years, braided hairstyles in black women have continued to evolve into more tasteful and stylish designs. Among the most popular braid styles include the following:

1. Box Braids

Box braid is the most common and elegant hairstyle for black women. Typically, a three-strand braid in traditional fashion attaches it to the scalp. The hairstyle can be in different widths, colors, and lengths depending on an individual’s preferences.

2. Box Braid Bob

This kind of braid is an exquisite style done by braiding short feed-in braids or box braids incorporated with perpendicular braids running down the center of the head.

3. Ombre Braids

The ombre braids are to form an additional color towards the end of your braids to bring a distinguished look. The hair is done by naturally blending colored braids halfway down the hair. The ombre look can be in different colors and shades.

4. Box Braid with Crimped Loose Ends

Box braids with crimped loose ends add a texture to the hair. The style creates a partially-braided partially-loose look by letting the braids loosen midway down the hair.

5. Undercut Braids

Undercut braids are perfect for individuals going for a sporty look. The shave is focused on the side of the head, leaving the braids in the center of the head.

6. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a chic and sophisticated hairstyle that people like. They are mostly known for the center part and braids that start perpendicularly before falling back.

7. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are slowly becoming popular among women across all races. Achieve this by weaving three-strand braids close to the scalp. The different alternatives for cornrow braids include criss-cross cornrow braids, lemonade braids, braided ponytails, and a large and mini braids combo.

Short Hairstyles

Among the most popular short hairstyles for black women include the following:

8. Taper Fade with Natural Curls

Taper fades are classic haircuts for short hair that never go out of style. The style is neat, taper fades at the side of the naturally curly and short hair. You can add dyes of different colors of your choice for a chicer look.

9. Short Finger Waves

The short finger waves are famous S-shaped waves against the scalp. It uses natural hair products, fingers, and other hair tools.

10. Short Afro Mohawk

Short afro mohawk hair is done by wearing a shaved side of the head and creating a curly mohawk with your natural hair at the center of the head.

11. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut has been one of the go-to styles for women with short hair. You can style it differently to create distinct yet distinguished looks. For instance, women can create layered pixies with side bangs.

Natural Hair Styles

Hair Styles

12. Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is a good-to-go hairstyle yet classic for black women. Hair separates into two portions, which are then braided at the back of the head to create the desired style. The ends can be left as ponytails or weaved into a bun.

13. Afro Puff

Afro puff creates a refined look by tying natural hair at the top or at the side of the head to create a thick rounded bun. Hair extensions of different colors are also great for stylish puffs.

14. Ponytails

Ponytails are created by tying the hair back at the top of the head and leaving excess hair to fall. One can add a long poly tail or bubble ponytails to create more elegant designs for the ponytail look.


In a nutshell, black hair has a lot of hairstyles you can do with an extensive range of hairstyles that bring out the best looks. Apart from the mentioned hairstyle, one can weave their hair into natural and artificial dreadlocks like faux locs, bohemian locks, and yarn dreads.