.  Eight Best Outfits to Wear During Pregnancy

 8 Best Outfits to Wear During Pregnancy


It used to be that a woman’s only choice for maternity wear was banished to some far-flung location within a department store. The sizing was inconsistent, and the styling often was garish. Luckily, the limited options and lacking design of your mother’s and grandmother’s pregnancy wear is largely a thing of the past. Modern women are spoiled for choice when it comes to clothes that they can wear through every stage of pregnancy.

Of course, pregnancy can do crazy things to a woman’s body. What typically suits her one day might make her look frumpy the next. What is comfortable and fits will change significantly over the course of a pregnancy. With that in mind, below are a few of our favorite outfits that we hope will inspire expecting mothers everywhere.

A Maternity Coat

Looking to hide that baby bump come month sixth? A cute maternity coat might just be the ticket! Patterns and styles abound, but we tend to be partial to a classic tan double-breasted trench coat. In most trenches, you could be standing on someone’s shoulders, and no one would be the wiser.

Looking for a practical winter jacket? Other options include fun jackets with faux fur collars that come in muted blacks, greens, and reds. While not the most stylish options, they are sure to help keep the bun in the oven warm!

Maternity Dresses

When you mention modest maternity dresses, eyes tend to start to glaze over. This is because maternity dresses have long gotten a bad rap as dowdy, uncomfortable, and largely unappealing. However, maternity dresses these days aren’t your mother’s muumuu. And plenty of appealing options abound if you know what you’re seeking.

When searching for the perfect maternity dress, give material just as much consideration as style. The best options will combine both into an appealing piece. Look for knit construction and a ribbed pattern for a subtle slimming effect wrapped in an often luxuriously comfy package.


Maternity overalls are a great grab for any stage of pregnancy. Their roomy design allows for ample comfort while being easy to match. A spacious pair of overalls can provide extra space in the legs and around the stomach and is a welcome treat during warmer months. Pair overalls with a knit and sunglasses for a mysterious yet glamorous style.


Nursing PJs

Not every outfit has to be cute enough to be worn out of the house. And honestly, when you’re pregnant, sometimes you just want to be comfortable. A good set of nursing pajamas will allow mamas-to-be to lounge in luxury without pinching or scrunching and provides complete coverage for pregnant bodies. Polka dots can be a fun way to add interest to an otherwise utilitarian piece of clothing.

Oversized Sweaters

Few things are more comfortable than a sweater on a cool day. And if you’re further along in your pregnancy, a sweater can be a great way to stay comfy and warm. And sweaters will always be a timeless fashion choice, so you can go out without feeling like you look like you swallowed a beach ball.

Besides getting the right size, you really can’t go wrong. Be sure to stay away from overly patterned knits. Instead, solid colors (such as white or black) are probably your best bets. Feel free to pair it with any type of bottom that feels right to you. Anything from overalls to yoga pants will match just fine.


If you’re pregnant and want to stun like Rihanna—but maybe without showing as much skin—look no further than one of the hottest pregnancy trends, the Bumpsuit. These jumpsuits are specifically designed for pregnant women. They are incredibly comfortable for those that want an irreplicable skin-tight, athleisure look during their pregnancy.

Those that aren’t ready for such an in-your-face display of their pregnant body may opt for leggings and a top. There is nothing wrong with a good pair of yoga pants. Many brands have started to make yoga pants specifically with pregnant women in mind. The result is a comfy look that you and your bump will appreciate.

Jeans and a Top

Jeans typically are a tight squeeze. However, there is no need to forgo this tried-and-true fashion combo when it comes to the early stages of pregnancy. Stretch jeans, with elastic in the waist, can be a lifesaver. Just make sure to move up a size when your bump gets bigger. And when it comes to the top aspect, remember to pair it with a black tee-shirt for a nice slim look.

Wear What Makes You Most Comfortable!

In the end, get clothes that you’re comfortable in and that you’ll enjoy wearing. There will be times you will feel gross, and having the right clothes will make all the difference. Pregnancy is a brief but special time. Try to take the good with the bad and appreciate the little moments. Hopefully, with any of the above outfits, you’ll look good doing it.