. 7 Unknowing Facts About Arctic Cooler | Best Review

7 Unknowing Facts About Arctic Cooler | Best Review

Arctic Cooler

Fighting the scorching heat and the mid-summer heat waves is not easy at all. And for these global deforestations, the heat is getting higher and higher day by day. Even inside the house feels like an oven. You know what, you can get relief from this heat! Sounds interesting right? My friend, this not only sounds good. But believe me, this will also feel good. Don’t start scratching your head. Because the answer is very simple- arctic cooler. Now you are thinking what’s new right? This is also a cooler what is special about it? But guess what this is not an ordinary cooler. This arctic cooler contains some special features which other brands can’t even imagine.

So, let’s dig into some of the features and products of arctic coolers

Arctic air cooler

This plastic-made air cooler is very easily portable and they come with a 3 in 1 humidifier purifier. Sounds exciting right? Well, I have told you at the beginning that these products are very unique. This is not very big. So, this can fit anywhere anyhow for your personal use. With the cooling, this also has an air-purifying technology that keeps the space clean. One fully filled water tank lasts up to 8 hours! And like most other air conditioners and cooler this doesn’t leave freon gas, is very much eco friendly and energy sufficient. This also has built-in led mood light which has 7 varieties also.

Arctic cooler Ac

In this Arctic Ac, the hot air passes through the water-cooling filter. So, it also works with water-cooling technology. This is also not harmful and environment friendly as it does not use freon as the cooling material like most other air conditioners. Other cooling gadgets release CFC which causes global warming by making a hole in the ozone layer. Most importantly the noise level is very low. So, to get relief from the sizzling heat use this arctic cooler ac to make the green initiative livelier

Arctic bag pack cooler

Not only inside the home but also on the outside you can take the advantage of an arctic cooler through the bag pack. Are you shocked? Bag pack coolers really?  Well, you might be caused after knowing about this everyone will get shocked. These insulated bag packs are very comfortable to carry and can easily keep your foods and water cold while the outside is boiling up. You can easily clean this bag and they are very adjustable and has a capacity of 24 cans. Additionally, the Therma-reflect interior radiant barrier reflects the heat in any condition. And with insulation, helps to keep the items cold for longer durations.

How does the arctic air cooler work?

Knowing the mechanism of a product helps us to know more about the product and it keeps us very close. So, let’s crack into the mechanism.

  • It depends mainly on the water-cooling technology bypassing the hot air through the cooling filter and by the evaporative technology the special cartridges begin to absorb the water.
  • These filters are made of sponges. So, they are washable and reusable.
  • This cooler moistens the air and does more than cool the air it purifies it also.
  • The cartridges have to be changed after a certain time and when as per the guideline they are outdated then you have to replace them.

How long does the arctic cooler filter last?

You should clean the filters every weekend. It’s highly advisable. 

And in the maximum work condition replace the filters every 3-6 months. Also, for the cleaning, you can first take the filter out and then carefully sink it underwater under minimum water pressure.

This arctic cooler has only one drawback, these are very small and the air direction is only in one direction. So, for a single side bedroom, this is perfect but not for a big room.

Wrap up

Every piece of this universe comes with a drawback. But we have to look forward anyway. The arctic air cooler is non-polluting which is the best thing about any air cooler.

And the green-friendly features are very convenient, don’t think that this is not up to the mark of other coolers who use freon as the cooling product. Arctic coolers are best for you and also for the world.