. 7 Meaningful Cross Tattoos for Men

7 Meaningful Cross Tattoos for Men

Meaningful Cross Tattoos for Men

A tattoo is the ultimate form of art and expression. Many people often use their tattoos to express their faith and love for God. Cross tattoos are a common gesture among devotees of Christ to project their faith in him. The tattoo represents faith. It is a symbol of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to save humanity. Here we have collected some of the best cross tattoos for men. Take a look at these ideas and find yourself the best Christian tattoos.

Best Cross Tattoos for men

1. Small Cross Tattoo with Quote

Looking for something small, compact, and meaningful? A wrist cross tattoo is a very good option to go with. For this cross-tattoo design, you will need it across any portion of your wrist. Whether you want an outline of a full-shade cross is completely up to you. To make the tattoo even more prominent, you can get your favorite line or message from the bible tattooed underneath the cross in very small letters. This is one of the best ideas for small cross tattoos for men.

2. Christ’s Face

To emphasize your faith and love for Christ, even more, you can opt for Christ’s face. In this tattoo Cross design, you make a cross halfway. In the middle of the cross, the face of Jesus appears, symbolizing them as the savior of Humanity. It makes a very strong statement. If you want you can even add other elements to enhance the tattoo-like passion flowers, drops of blood, a halo behind Christ’s head, and similar items.

3. Rose Background Cross

If you are looking for cross tattoos for men’s forearms, a rose cross tattoo is one of the best options you have. This type of design is made using an outlined cross. The cross sits on a bed of roses. You can get the tattoo inked in black or make it the color of your choice. To add more details, you may add the thorns of the roses, leaves, etc. The thorns of the roses can symbolize the sins of humanity which are being forgiven by the power of Christ. This is one of the most inspired cross tattoos for men.

4. Wing Cross Tattoo

In Christianity, wings are associated with Angels. Wings is a very good cross tattoo for men’s chests as it symbolizes purity and freedom of the heart. This design is one of the most popular cross tattoos for men. The wings can also symbolize the guardian angel of the wearer or be an ode to the spirit of a loved one. To make this design, you will need wings tattooed behind the cross, making it appear to be a part of it.

5. Heart Cross Tattoo

A Heart cross tattoo symbolizes some of the deepest meanings and affection one can feel. This type of design is made by a cross coming out of a heart. To make the tattoo seem even more dramatic, you can opt for the Sacred Heart. In this, the heart is entwined by a thorned bush and the pains and sufferings become very real. It means faith, love, and pain.

6. Finger Tattoo

This is a great option for small cross tattoos for men. In this type of tattoo, you only have to make a cross on the front bottom of your finger. It can be as thin or as bold as you want. If you are exploring options in minimalist cross tattoos for men, go for it. It is subtle, yet powerful, and associated with strength and blessings. Some Christian men choose to make this tattoo on the ring finger of their right hand, as that finger to said to be connected with our hearts.

7. Sleeve Cross Tattoo

Christian cross tattoos

Sleeve cross tattoo designs are unique and bold and they tend to make a strong statement. The sleeve design is ideal for cross tattoos for men on arms. It covers the entire arm from the top to the wrist. If you want to show the world your faith in Him, this is an ideal option for you. It will only enhance your spiritual experience. If you want to make your cross tattoo stand out, get certain biblical symbols, like a dove, rose, halo, wings, and all other popular Christian choices surrounding the tattoo.

These were the 7 most amazing ideas of cross tattoos for men which will inspire you to get inked on your body.