. Highland Park Jewelries: What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Highland Park Jewelries: What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds

Until recently, it took millions of years for a diamond to develop. Technology has made it possible for these jewels to be created in a matter of weeks, rather than months. However, don’t dismiss lab-grown diamonds as inferior; they are just as stunning and brilliant as mined diamonds. Consider browsing through Highland Park lab-grown diamonds wholesale stores for your next lab-grown diamond purchase.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds developed in a laboratory, also known as lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds, are man-made gems that closely resemble real diamonds. The chemical and visual properties of lab-grown diamonds are identical to those of natural diamond crystals formed by geological processes far under the Earth’s surface.

How is Diamond Grown in a Lab?

These days, jewelry enthusiasts have been comparing lab vs natural diamonds. However, how exactly are these synthetic diamonds made? Diamonds manufactured in a laboratory are generated by re-creating the processes that produce real diamonds in nature.​​​​​​​ In nature, diamonds are formed by the transformation of carbon atoms into the stunning and alluring jewels we know as diamonds over millions of years of high heat and pressure. In the same manner that natural diamonds develop, but in a man-made process that takes weeks rather than millions of years, lab-created diamonds do the same.

A diamond seed is the first step in creating synthetic diamonds. This seed has been put in a special chamber meant to replicate the conditions of the Earth’s crust. The seed will ultimately turn into a synthetic diamond, which is chemically similar to a genuine diamond thanks to its coating of pure carbon.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds in Highland Park Considered Real Diamonds?

Simply, the answer is “yes.”

The sole difference between a lab-made diamond and a real diamond is where it was formed. To make a lab-grown diamond, cutting-edge technology is used to duplicate a natural diamond’s growth. A lab-grown diamond in Highland Park has been created that is identical to naturally occurring diamonds in terms of chemical composition, physical properties, and optical properties.

Diamonds made in a lab are not fakes. Despite their appearance, they are not cubic zirconias. Diamond-like physical and chemical features are present in synthetic diamonds. The term “synthetic diamonds” is sometimes used to describe lab-created diamonds.

Where Can You Find Lab Grown Diamonds in Highland Park?

1. Shira Diamonds

The beautiful jewelry selection of Shira Diamonds in Highland Park, Texas, will inspire you to create memories and a custom diamond ring. In order to ensure that the diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals in their handpicked collection are safely obtained, they hand-select and cut them in Israel at their diamond plant.

Their GIA-certified gemologists can help you choose the right engagement ring or wedding band, or work with their master jeweler to create the most stunning bespoke item possible.

2. Aura Diamonds

In 2014, Aura Diamonds was founded. Customer engagement rings, exquisite jewelry, and wholesale loose diamonds are all areas of expertise at Aura Diamonds, which has a staff with a combined total of 29 years of experience.

Located at the Dallas World Trade Center, Aura Diamonds is a supplier of diamonds, a manufacturer, and a bespoke jeweler. When it comes to custom-designed jewelry, Aura Diamonds can provide custom-cut diamonds and gemstones.

3. Sofia Moissanite & Lior Lab Diamonds

Sofia Moissanite & Lior Lab Diamonds were founded in the year 2019. Custom engagement rings with Moissanite and Lab-Created Diamonds have been a demand for over 30 years, but the proprietors of the firm have decided to fill it by launching Sofia Lior Diamonds. Sofia Lior Diamonds offer customers to have the same heirloom-quality fine jewelry product at a lesser price point.

4. Diamond Room of Dallas

It was founded in 2008. They have an exclusive showroom, where only one customer at a time is allowed to see diamonds, ensuring that you may shop in confidence with individuals you know and trust. They provide a far more customized and enjoyable experience for their customers.

5. Diamond and Gold Warehouse, Inc

A wide variety of diamond engagement rings and certified loose diamonds can be found at their store. They will help you select the right engagement ring with their exceptional service and trustworthy advice. Diamond stud earrings, bracelets, and pendants are also available in a wide variety.

Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring

Just like a mined diamond, a lab-grown diamond is as genuine as a natural diamond. They have the same physical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds and are created at the same temperature and pressure settings.

Lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, are frequently of a higher grade because of their controlled atmosphere and meticulously supervised procedure. In other words, lab-grown diamonds in an engagement ring can compete with naturally discovered diamonds in terms of brilliance, radiance, and eye-catching appeal.