. How To Reset Your Instagram Password?

How To Reset Your Instagram Password?

Instagram Password

In the world of social media among many other apps, this American giant Instagram surely takes the center stage for entertainment. For teenagers it sometimes acts as the fuel they many times get encouraged by its contents like makeup, writing, sports, dancing, singing, etc. When another social media TikTok got banned in various parts of the world Instagram launched a new feature INSTAGRAM REELS.

We usually get connected to pictures and videos and Instagram allows you to build your image by that, people can know you by visiting your profile get connected to you by your profile. you don’t have to speak your profile speaks about yourself. People usually do a lot of social media at the same time so they usually create various passwords in different combinations so it’s very normal that they usually forget their passwords. But nowadays people usually link their password with their email id so they don’t have to memorize it. Also for cyber security purposes, everyone should change their password within a specific period. So, here are some easy steps to reset your Instagram password on your android, iPhone, and desktop.

When you have forgotten your password, how you can reset your password on Instagram?

Our human memory naturally adapts based on an estimate of how often we need a thing, we don’t always want a password. So, our brain can’t memorize it properly. And people usually give text-based passwords which are hard to remember. So here are some ways by which you can enter your Instagram account if you have forgotten your password and then if you want you can change or reset your Instagram password.

There are different ways in different devices by which you can change it for android there is a different way, for ios, there is a different way and so on a desktop. So here are some ways.

Reset your Instagram password on a mobile device

  • On your device open Instagram.
  • On the User name and password area, the press gets help logging in (for android) or press forgot password (for iPhone).
  • Enter username/email or linked phone number. Press next then follow the instructions which are on the screen.
  • If your Instagram is already linked with your Facebook account then press login with Facebook which will appear on the top of the user name and password area.  

Instagram Reset password on the desktop

  • First, go to www.instagram. com website.
  • Click on forgotten your password? Which will be in the same field where the phone number, user name, email address, and password is.
  • Then a page will appear which says the trouble with logging in? there you can enter your linked email id or phone number or your User name.
  • Then press sends login link button.
  • Then a link will come in your email or linked phone number by clicking that you can directly go to your account without an Instagram password reset.

When do you want to change the password?

For cyber security purposes and many other reasons like to prevent constant access, limit access gained by many loggers, prevent the use of saved passwords you can also reset your Instagram password from android, iPhone, or the desktop.


  • For a desktop site go to www. Instagram. com
  • Log into your account
  • Click your profile picture
  • Then go to settings. After that go to security
  • In the password section enter your old password then enter a new strong password then confirm the new password a
  • Then click on change password your password will be changed.
  • For both ios and android open the Instagram app.
  • Go and tap your profile picture
  • Then click on three parallel lines
  • Then settings >security>password. Put the current password then give a new password then confirm the new password.

Always remember when you are going to reset your Instagram password, your password must be more than six characters and include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters like(!$@%).

But nowadays hackers are becoming more and more powerful. So, two-factor authentication is a must. It will save your account from getting hacked. If anyone wants to log in to your account and if they have already somehow known your password by enabling two-factor authentication, they have to put a code or a one-time unique log-in code which will be shared to your linked mobile number. So it’s surely not easy to get access.


Now you have all the ways and answers on how to reset your password on Instagram. Hope it helped you. Thank you.