. 6 Excellent Purple Wallpaper Ideas For Your Room

6 Excellent Purple Wallpaper Ideas For Your Room

Purple Wallpaper

Adding wallpapers to a room is a time-tested decor tactic that has never gone wrong throughout its constant presence for more than a few centuries. While the wallpaper itself has never gone out of style, the color and aesthetic choices have varied greatly in their detail throughout history.

While at one-time standard gold, green and red had ruled the wallpaper trend, today’s creative demand calls for experimentation with the very idea of Wall decor and Art.

What could be a better color to play with than purple? Hence it is inevitable that we will bring to you eventually an article dedicated to the purple aesthetic wallpaper.

What is the significance of the color purple?

The versatile color purple signifies a lot of things. Purple is a color that represents friendship, romance, goodwill, and new beginnings. Purple and its lighter shades deal with the celebration of femininity and beauty. It is an element of the spring season and thus a representative of the fragility and adaptability of nature. In its darker shades purple has come to represent mystery, honor, velour, and wisdom.

In your room purple will be a great influence on your creative and analytical side. Purple leads the observer towards untrodden paths and helps them make decisions that challenge their skillset and strength. Purple as a color is a representation of courage as well. Purple is, therefore, a great color choice be it for your home or your devices, like a purple aesthetic wallpaper laptop.

6 awesome purple wallpapers for your room

Aesthetic purple wallpapers are a dream come true for many. But often one might divert would be the best way to pair a purple wallpaper with the rest of the room. Purple being strong in ostentatious color might appear to be too bold a choice. These ideas for an aesthetic purple wallpaper will help you capture that potential without overdoing it.

Pastel purple wallpaper

The Pastel purple aesthetic wallpaper is preferred by young and old alike. If yours is a room that welcomes warm energy and friendliness and is filled with light-colored objects, then the Pastel is your perfect pop of color. Yes, you heard it right.

You can pair this pastel purple wallpaper with other neutral tones or other pastel ones too, including pastel pink, pastel green, pastel blue, or sage green. A complete pastel mixture with an addition of bright yellow or orange is greatly popular this season.

A room that hosts a huge amount of natural lighting or is dependent on crisp lines and edges for its overall look can greatly benefit from a pastel wallpaper as well.

The purple and gold

Combining purple with layers of gold can be the go-to move to bring out those golden detailings in your furnishing and room decor. The purple and gold go equally well with ethnic interior design style, the contemporary design school, and the vintage-inspired interior decor.

A tarnished shade of gold on a dark purple background can be your dream aesthetic wallpaper purple when it comes to complementing those tones on your priceless antique purchases.

Purple and gold are perfectly suitable for homeowners who seek to display a generational wealth of taste and culture. This kind of wallpaper aesthetic purples serves as an eclectic base for an array of paintings and other master artwork.

Purple and black

Another way to realize your fantasy of a purple wallpaper aesthetic is to merge a dark purple with the shade of steel grey or black. This is a great preference for enthusiasts of German and contemporary interior designs as this allows them to accentuate the sharp edges of other granite and steel-based furnishings.

The pairing of purple and black on wallpaper can be design-based, picture-based, abstract, or geometric in pattern. Some great designers have also played on vertical black lines on a purple background to give any room the illusion of length and space. And a well-done wallpaper doesn’t even look like one! Your purple aesthetic wallpapers can look like murals, paint jobs, artwork, or anything else you fancy. Is this your thing? Then, go and get it.

Neon purple aesthetic wallpaper

Let us be honest, Neon is not for everyone. However, this color has grown tremendously in popularity among the younger generation, including influencers, fashionistas, and YouTubers in the past few years.

Neon purple can be a great alternative to the more mainstream neon colors like pink, green, and yellow as it is a little toned down and yet returns the vibrance expected from a neon color. This is a great background in rooms full of lighting. Neon purple wallpapers are not just for those quirky alternative kids. They work equally well for lovers of art, fashion, and color experimentation. Neon is best paid with another neon and a touch of white.

Purple floral wallpaper

A purple floral is anyone’s choice when looking for a cute purple aesthetic wallpaper. Purples are one of the finest colors when it comes to spring florals and when paired with pinks and yellows they are beyond any comparison.

Purple wallpapers can be incredibly detailed with their attitude towards florals or they can be subtle and abstract. Sometimes the play of colors is so great that the purple exists not as a shade of the flowers but as a result of the play of light in shadow. Imagine a light purple aesthetic wallpaper keeping your room forever in the world of everlasting spring. Yeah, that’s exactly what we are talking about here!

Going dark purple

Going dark purple can be a safe choice if you are unsure about what you want. A dark purple wallpaper can be paired in contrast to walls in grey, white, blues, and other even wilder shades.

This kind of wallpaper can also be used uniformly all over the room as it goes with almost every kind of furniture and room decor. The dark purple aesthetic wallpaper is also the safest choice for corporate settings. However, just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Opt for a three-color palette and compare your dark purple to a steel grey and a deep red simultaneously, and see how well the three of them go together.


Purple aesthetic wallpapers are truly mesmerizing enough to win anyone’s heart. They are the sure-shot way to make your everyday background a topic of conversation among your friends and family at a practical cost and zero damage to your existing wall structure.

The durability and safety of wallpapers in installation and uninstallation are one of the reasons they have stuck with us for so long. So, do not hesitate to make the most of these perks as you enjoy a fantastic room makeover like never before.