. How do the Frames you Choose Elevate your Home?

How Do The Frames you Choose Elevate Your Home?

Elevate Your Home

When decorating your home, you must consider how you will fill your walls. It’s usually one of those finishing touches you start deciding on once the core elements of your home have come together. At this time, you’ve likely discussed what artwork or photographs you want to frame and place in your home. But, now you’re thinking about whether they are styled as, say, a gallery wall, a stand-alone piece for a feature wall using a frame for an a3 print, or perhaps even a few smaller frames dotted around your counter-tops – all of which can be possible with a selection of frames. 

We always recommend you fill your walls with well-crafted pieces of art or memories that pull on those heartstrings fitted with stunning frames that breathe life into any space. Why? Because they can do more than add beauty to your home.

This article will discuss how the frames you choose elevate your home.

Frames complete your home decor

home decor

Firstly, the frames you choose to pair your artwork or photographs with massively make a difference to the overall image. Think of yourself as the assisting artist, and it’s your job to add the finishing stroke, which in this case would be the frame. The frame you choose for each piece is important, as it could change the look or feel of the image that will be placed inside. For example, if you’re framing a piece of fine art, you may want to consider a sleek and slender style frame like our black frames, or if you want something eye-catching, you could try a gold frame.

Frames can be seasonal

If you’re anything like us and love to give your home a rejig between the seasons, then you’ll understand the importance of having furniture that can be easily styled from winter through to autumn. If you carefully consider choosing a frame that works in every room, you can move your artwork or photos from room to room whenever you wish. 

Inspires positivity

Inspires positivity

Hanging artwork or photos around your home really can do more than just look pretty; they can also influence positivity, inspiration, and heartwarming moments. Think, if you’ve got a punchy slogan that says ‘The World Is Your Oyster’ and it’s framed in a beautiful silver A3 frame, it’s going to stand out amongst your decor, grab your attention, and, in turn, have you seizing the day! Not only will that elevate your home but your outlook on life too! Artwork left unframed is to be left unnoticed. So when choosing a frame for those moments you want to witness every day, think bold!

Add character to any room

The frames you choose will ultimately decide the room’s character. It’s one of the easiest ways to elevate your home from a low mood to a positive one, or if it’s a soft, moody vibe you’re trying to create, then so be it! With the use of framed artwork that perhaps tell a story, or bring a touch of color and brightness to the space, the frames you choose inevitably set the tone for the art or photos within it.

Elevate your home with framed artwork

The frames you choose to house your photos or artwork are essential in elevating your home. Be sure to consider what you want to achieve when choosing the right frames for your prints, art or photos. It does make all the difference to your decor!