. How to Remove Long Lasting Lipstick

How to Remove Long Lasting Lipstick

Long Lasting Lipstick

Finding the perfect Long Lasting Lipstick is every woman’s dream, especially during long nights, special dates, and long summer toils. And yet, these very lipsticks can prove very hard to remove. In general, matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks stick to our lips and leave a stain that affects our makeup the next day. But mostly, once you know the correct hacks and lip care routine, they can be surprisingly easy to get rid of.

Removing Long Lasting Lipstick

You might have the best long-lasting lipstick in the whole arena (as you should) that never wipes, smudges, or fades, but what’s the use if it doesn’t leave when it needs to go? Here are some ways to clean your lips off the tint that has done its job for the day.

Microfiber Makeup Removing Cloth

For a 24-hour long-lasting lipstick, a microfiber makeup removing cloth is a good option. They are non-messy, easy to use wipes made especially during the days when you have the least spare time and the most happening fun. They wipe off the lip tint without leaving even a trace of the shade behind.

Oil Infused Makeup Cleanser

Oil-infused makeup cleansers are a great favorite among women who want to remove all-day long-lasting lipstick off their dry lips. For sticky lipstick remains or dry skin types, the oil-infused cleanser is an honest godsend.

Oily Balm Cleanser – an Extra Step for Liquid Lipsticks

For liquid lipsticks like the NYX Long Lasting Lipstick, one extra step to add before the microfiber cloth is to apply an oily balm cleanser on your lips. This cleanser loosens the lipstick and makes it easier to rub it off in one swipe.

Regular Lip Care

When it comes to easier application and removal of makeup, nothing beats good skin and lip care. Be it a long-lasting lipstick or a flawless foundation – or even an eyeshadow of great pigmentation! – Everything is easy to take off when you are hydrated and glowing from the inside.

Oil-Free Micellar Water

On the other end, a lot of us like to avoid oil-based cleansers and Micellar water is perfect for them. Micellar water removes microscopic particles from the skin surface and rids your face off of the day-long deposits of oil and dirt. Follow up this step with your favorite oil-free lip care products.

Petroleum Jelly

Lipstick Remove

Another well-known hack is petroleum jelly which is also an expert at loosening up long-lasting lipstick residues and softening their crusts for easy removal. Petroleum jelly in itself can make your lips feel a little leathery afterward, but succeeding with your moisturizing lip care routine can definitely set you up all right!

For Matte Lipstick – Exfoliate and Moisturize!

Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick can be easily removed through the tried and tested process of exfoliating and moisturizing. In general, if you have dry and chappy lips, exfoliating now and then is a great idea. Matte long-lasting lipstick like Revlon long-lasting lipstick can leave very deep impressions, and taking off the dull layer of dead cells from your lips can return it to its original glow again, without the added lipstick residue.

Toothbrush for the Nooks and Crannies

Certain lipsticks like the Revlon Long Lasting Lipstick are known for their ability to spread evenly to all corners and give your lip outline a seamless finish. This ability often makes you need a toothbrush to brush them off of the inner corners of your mouth. An easy, effortless solution at the end of a glamorous lipstick day!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often also referred to as an oily solution for the dry lip problem, and we will suggest pairing coconut products together for the best results. Every time you take off your makeup put something rejuvenating on; after the coconut oil has taken away your lipstick remains, pamper your nude lips with another coconut therapy, like the Nivea lip care coconut butter.

Using Warm Water

Another natural way of both loosening pigmentation and nourishing your lips is the incorporation of warm water into your daily routine. Wash your lips with warm water or dab them with a warm, moist cotton ball to remove color as well as have them look hydrated and plump.


Correctly removing lipstick before the day’s end is as important as correctly wearing them at its starting; an improper makeup removal regime can lead to a host of skin problems like dullness, patches, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Use gently makeup removal products while removing your long-lasting lipstick so that multiple steps or prolonged use does not irritate your skin.

Try to keep your face bare now and then and spoil yourself with extra skincare on weekends. In no time, you will find your products gliding effortlessly on your skin and coming off just as easily, too.