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How to Make Fermented Rice Water for Skin

Fermented Rice Water for Skin
Fermented Rice Water for Skin

Today I’ll tell you about benefits of Rice Water for Skin. Rice is the staple food of the Asian country. Rice contains a lot of minerals that are very good for our body as well as rice water is very good for our body. Rice water has many benefits.

Rice water is very beneficial as beauty benefits. Rice water is so useful for us. Nowadays various beauty creams, anti-aging creams, and other beauty products based on rice water are now available.

Fermented rice water works incomparably to reduce the impression of age and small open pores on the face. You can use rice water for skin acne. There are also many other benefits of fermented rice water. In Korea, fermented rice water is used for beauty enhancement.

Rice water can also be noticed in Korean beauty products. Not only is fermented rice water good for our skin, but it is also very good for our hair. Fermented rice water helps to smooth our hair if we use it regularly two to three days a week. Today we will learn about the benefits of fermented rice water on the skin. And today we will discuss in this blog how to make fermented rice water in the right way.

How to Make Ferment Rice Water for Skin?

  1. Making fermented rice water is a very easy task. You don’t have to spend much time making this fermented rice water. Although fermented rice water is easy to make, it has many benefits. It can be easily made with just two materials.
  2. To make this fermented rice water we need to take 2 tablespoon of rice with one glass amount of water. More than one glass of water can be used here but I would suggest taking one to one and a half glasses of water here.
  3. Before making rice water, I will wash the above two teaspoons of rice thoroughly with clean water. Now I will put the washed rice in a glass of water. Now with the help of a spoon, I will mix the rice well with the water.
  4. I will leave the water mixed with rice like this overnight or 12 hours to be ferment. It will be more beneficial if the rice is broken down with the back of a spoon.
  5. After 12 hours, if the water smells sour, you know the water is well fermented. Now you can use this water on your skin

Rice Water for Skin: Leave Rice Water on Face is it Safe?

Rice water benefits

You can use this soaked rice water as a toner on your skin. In a small bowl, take a small amount of fermented Rice Water for Skin. Take a piece of cotton or a cotton pad. Dip the cotton pad into the rice water. Apply it to your skin. Rinse it well after 30 minutes. It is better to use warm water while washing the face. you can store it in a spray bottle or normal bottle.
This rice water will help to remove the impression of age from your face. It will also help you to get rid of open pores if you have problems and suffer from open pores. Rice water is very good for acne

Can I leave Rice Water on my Face overnight?

Yes, of course, you can apply Rice Water and leave it on your skin overnight. The minerals in rice water help to lighten your skin. It can be used twice a day.. Since it is homemade, there are no chemicals in it, so there are no side effects.
Hope you all like this rice water method and you will get results if you use it. Stay well and stay healthy and take care of your body and skin.