. 7 Common Lip Care Mistakes That You Should Stop Now

7 Common Lip Care Mistakes | Common Lip care Mistake That You Should Stop

Common Lip Care Mistakes

We always make some common lip care mistakes. The lips are twice as soft as our skin. So with a little change in the weather, our lips become rough and dry. Not only does the change in the weather cause changes in our lips, but sometimes we take the wrong care of our lips then we notice chapped lips, cracked lips, etc.

All these mistakes make our lips cracked, dry, and colorless. This lip situation does not flatter the overall skin tone and look of the person and causes problems when putting on makeup or preparing for a momentous occasion.

That is why proper tips and tricks are essential for proper lip care.

Mistakes you should avoid while taking care of your lips

We should follow a proper lip care routine and avoid mistakes. We do wrong things on our lips that make our lips rougher. The biggest bad habit is licking the lips. As a result, our lips become more dry and cracked. Also, avoid lip balm; lip gel is also a bad habit. Today I will tell you how to take care of your lips.

1. Avoid Licking Your Lips

licking your lips

Our lips are rough, especially in cold weather. And because of this roughness, we faced lip cracks and other lip problems. And it is the nature of many to lick their rough lips.

Is licking your lips a bad habit?

The more the lips are licked, the more the lips will crack and become rough. Lip licking has become a habit for many. To avoid chapped lips, you must stop licking your lips. Licking your lips is counterintuitive because instead of moisturizing, it dries your lips more as the saliva evaporates around your lip’s skin. It also changes the pH of your skin surface and causes more issues for your lips. It not only dehydrates the lips but also decolorizes them.

2. Lip Vacuum For Cupid Bow Lips or Pout

Do not use a bottle cap as a lip vacuum to get pout or cupid lips. It will harm your lips very badly. Your lips may be two sizes bigger than the normal size, and it gets worst. So, never try this step. If you want perfect pout lips or bow lips, shape them with help of lip liner.

Further, you can use tricks like using a highlighter in the correct places or a good quality lip gloss to make your lips pouty. Vacuum pouting affects the lip skin on a cellular level by causing strain to the tissues that make up your lips. At the same time, it can also accelerate the blood pressure around the lips area and cause your veins to burst or block.

3. Avoid Removing Dead Skin with Your Finger

We all know about the dead skin of lips. A regular scrub is very important to get rid of this dead skin. But seeing rough lips, many people try to remove the dead skin off their lips with their hand’s fingers. It should not be done at all. Touching dead skin with fingers brings fresh skin along with dead skin. As a result, blood may come out through the lips. So I wouldn’t say I like this job at all. This causes damage to the lips

Even worse is when people attempt to apply makeup products like lipstick or lip primer over this injured area. Indeed, bruises on the lips cannot be felt as quickly as other parts of the body, but this does not mean that the skin of the lips is not affected by such behavior. If you end up tearing a lot of dead skin from your lips, treat them properly and let them heal before you apply anything else.

4. Avoid Matte Lipstick: Common Lip Care Mistakes

Matte Lipstick

“Why are my lips always dry and peeling?” – Do you go through this type of question? don’t worry, here’s the answer. Creamy, glossy, moist lipstick should always be applied to the lips. As a result, the lips remain soft and soft. Better not to use matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks are the most common reason for cracked lips. Matte lipstick makes our lips very rough. I don’t like liquid matte lipstick personally. Check this out, in order to find cute lipsticks for you

If you are still willing to use matte or liquid lipsticks on certain days, ensure you know how to keep matte lipsticks from cracking. Further, make it a point to do proper skin care before applying this makeup and put on lip balm and lip primer preceding the process. Do not wear this lipstick when doing a lot of physical work or engaging on a bright outdoor day.

5. Remove Lipstick Before Bed Time

Lipstick remover must be done before going to sleep. And you should apply lip care oil and then go to sleep. If you do it, the lips stay good. If you do not clean your lipstick before bedtime, it will harm your lips. Over time, it may make your lips turn black. One of the most widely practiced liquid lipstick mistakes to avoid is to let it wash off on its own without the aid of proper products and procedures.

Yes, it would be best if you used good makeup removers to ensure every little particle of this highly sticky formula leaves the skin of your lips. Another mistake people make is to keep applying multiple layers of lipstick on their lips. It is usually detrimental to lip health and must not be indulged in.

To Avoid Common Lip Care Mistakes Stop Mouth Breathing Habit

Mouth breathing is one of the reasons for dry lips. Taking a breath from your mouth will dry your mouth area, including your lips. Most people make this mistake while sleeping. According to the doctor, we should clear our nasal passages before bed. Mouth breathing not only affects our lips but also affects other aspects of our health too.

It can damage your posture and make your stomach look more bloated than it is. It can also cause general problems with your respiratory health and make you more susceptible to immunological diseases. From a cosmetic point of view, mouth breathing can affect the blood rise in your facial muscles and make you look pale and sick sometimes.

Applying Lipstick Instantly After Using Lip Balm

We always try to keep our lips soft and moist to avoid dryness. And that’s why we use lip balm as a lip moisturizer. But do not apply lipstick instantly after using lip balm. Let the lip balm work on your lips. Try to do a 30-minute gap between lip balm and lipstick. This instant application can cause a toxic pH balance on your lips and change lip balm’s formula and lipstick.

Further, it will not allow the lip balm to do its job and give your lip the protection it needs. It is a good idea to use the lip balm before the primer and provide an excellent 30-minute gap in between.


Self-care is like a foundation for good health and cosmetic beauty. No matter what tricks and tips you know about makeup, if you lack good skin and hair, these makeup tricks will not help you. As we said constantly neglecting lip care and trying to make up for it using makeup will only affect your lips’ health even more in the long term. That is why it is time to take your lip care serious