. How to Set Up an Alarm on a Wind-Up Clock?

How to Set Up an Alarm on a Wind-Up Clock?

Alarm on a Wind-Up Clock

You must have come across a windup clock once in your life. This type of clock does not need a battery to work. All it requires is a bit of winding up in its springs regularly. Isn’t it amazing?

The fun part of this clock is that you can use them anywhere and do not have to recharge them.

This article will discuss everything we need to do to set up this windup clock and how to set the alarm for 6:30.

What are Windup Clocks?          

These are the oldest clocks used until the invention of battery clocks during the first decade of the 20th century. This clock is mechanical, as it works with the energy stored in a coiled spring.

The power is provided to the clock by winding the clock, which is stored as potential energy. After the spring is wound up, the spring slowly unwinds, and the hand of the clock keeps moving. You can also set the alarm for 6:30 am with the help of these clocks.

You can find two springs and four-gear wheels inside the windup clocks. One spring works for the hands of the clock, and the other one, which is minor, works for setting the alarm.

Many people still love the windup clocks. The reason behind it is that these clocks are very simple. Also, the ticking of the clock is music to the years themselves.

However, getting hold of a beautiful windup clock is not enough. You need to know how to set up the alarm. That is why just go through the below-mentioned part to know about setting up the windup clocks.

How to set up an alarm on Windup Clocks?

Setting up an alarm on a Windup Clock is entirely different from setting up an alarm on the iPhone. But it is not at all complicated. You might be worried and must be thinking – “How to set the alarm for 6:30?” Instead, it is simpler to set the alarm on the clock.

But first, you need to select the correct Time on the clock and then follow the simple steps to set the alarm.

Search for the Control Knobs

Wind-Up Clock

First, you must look for the various knobs on the backside of the windup clock. Look at the back of the watch, and you will find multiple knobs and keys for both setting up the Time and setting up the alarm. There are three hands in total – one for the hour hand, one for the minute hand, and the last for setting up the alarm.

Set the Time Correctly

Rotate the knobs in the required direction to set up the Time correctly. It has a small hand which is meant for the alarm only. Once you have set the Time, you need to wind up the clock properly with the help of the winding key. Turn the winding clock until it turns no more, and it will ensure that the clock is running on Time.

Set the Alarm

After setting the Time, you will see tiny dots or marks between each of the numbers on the clock. These dots represent the regular intervals of ten minutes. Then look for the alarm knob, pull it and set the alarm hand to the correct Time.

For example, if you want to set the alarm for 6:30, you must place the alarm hand halfway between 6 and 7. Then, after selecting the alarm, you need to push back the knob and wind it up using the key named ‘Alarm’ and turn it until it is impossible to turn it anymore.

Activate the Alarm

After setting up the alarm, you need to turn it on. The alarm hand is usually moved with the help of the hour key, which is pulled out. In some clocks, the buttons are separate, but in others, the controller is the same as the hour button. After setting the time, you need to press the button to activate the alarm.


After reading this article, you must be able to set the alarm for 6:30. Since it is ultimately an easy process, you need not worry. Once you set the alarm for the first time, you will easily be able to set alarms for the next Time.

Thus using these old-fashioned clocks provides an aesthetic vibe to your bedroom. Moreover, since these clocks do not work on electric batteries, the breakdown of these clocks is also very rare.