. How to Wear Mascara Without Damaging Lashes

How to Wear Mascara Without Damaging Your Lashes | 6 Way to Protect Your Lashes.

How to Wear Mascara

Mascara is a one of the beauty product which instantly enhances the beauty of eyes. Most celebrities won’t leave the house without applying double coat mascara on their lashes. Mascara can make your eyelashes look bigger. Applying only mascara for the no-makeup look is the perfect companion. But, regular uses of mascara are not good for eyelashes. It will damage the eyelashes if you use mascara regularly in your eyelashes.

So, today’s topic is how to wear mascara without damaging your lashes. Today I’m gonna tell you 6 tips about How to Wear Mascara without Damaging Your Lashes. So, if you are a mascara lover like me then don’t worry about the eyelashes damage here are some eyelashes care tips that you can follow to protect your eyelashes.

1. Choose Right Mascara

Eyelashes are very near to eyes or you can just say that eyelashes are a part of eyes. So, when it’s near to eyes it is eye-related also. So, this is very important to protect the eyes also. You should be very careful with choosing good mascara for eyelashes. Mascara made with natural ingredients and clinically tested are safe for eyelashes.

2. Use Vaseline to Moisturized Lashes

How to Wear Mascara

Before you applying mascara to your eyelashes, apply Vaseline to your lashes with the help of an empty mascara brush. Vaseline has the power to moisturize. So, if you applying Vaseline before it will protect your lashes from mascara. The mascara isn’t directly touching your lashes. So, your lashes will be protected from damage-free.

3. Check Expiry Date

Oh! Well, this is the most important part that most women forget to check. Always check the expiry date of your beauty product not only mascara. Or it will harm you. What you applying to your lashes is related to your eyes so, be very careful with the expiry date and product quality. The mascara you take must be has branded and as well as good quality.

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes after Applying Mascara

Rubbing your lashes after applying mascara is a very bad habit. The reason behind not rubbing your eyes after applying mascara is, the mascara may enter your eyes and I think that you may not like it if this will happen to your eyes. It may leave back marks in your eye area, or it can ruin your mascara and also ruin your makeup. So, avoid rubbing your eyes.

5. Remove Mascara before Going to Bed

“How to remove waterproof mascara ?” it is a very difficult question and an important step too. Sometimes we are too tired and don’t remove makeup as well as mascara which is not good for us. Always try to remove mascara before going to sleep. You may notice that makeup removing is easy than mascara removing. Mascara takes few minutes extra because the mascara has a stick to the lashes. So when you clean mascara from your eyelashes, be gentle with it. Be careful that your eyelashes are not coming out with mascara. Do not rub it; just gently clean your eyes.

6. Try Biotin

Biotin is a good source for cell growth. So, take biotin. It will help to keep your hair and lashes healthy. You may notice your eyelashes improvement. So, you can try it for good.