. Light Purple Nails Design Ideas

8 Light Purple Nails Design Ideas

Purple Nails Design

When it comes to acrylic nails, finding the perfect design that will satisfy you is a long and overwhelming process. With the thousands of already existing designs and more emerging every day, acrylic nails are currently ruling the world of fashion and beauty.

No outfit or event is complete without your hands looking absolute gorge! So, if you are running low on acrylic nail ideas, or have little knowledge about what to get in your next manicure, here we have some great ideas for light purple nails.

Any color suits acrylic very beautifully, but when it comes to pretty colors like light purple, lavender, and other pastels of the hue, the nail feels even more precious. If you are a fan of light purple, these are some of the best ideas that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very easy to make.

Take a look at these ideas for light purple nails in acrylic and find the best one for yourself.

Light Purple Nails Ideas

  • Plain Light Purple Nails

Light Purple itself is such a great color that it hardly needs anything to glamour it up. It can be accommodated to look pretty with any nail shape and outfit. Light purple nails look best on short square acrylics and long coffin acrylic nails.

You can even use rhinestones and defining pens to make designs and patterns on the light purple base. Even though the matte color looks great, it appears to be its best with a glossy coat.

  • Flower-pressed light Purple Nails

This idea is very unique and creative. Light purple nails with the design of pressed flowers elevated the look to the top tier. For this design, all you have to do is ask your nail designer to put pressed flowers under the acrylic base.

A great idea for this design is to use light purple color in all the fingers except for the ring finger. On the ring finger, you can ask the designer to put pressed flowers of light purple or lavender color and finish it off with a clear topcoat.

  • Holo Purple Nails

Holo acrylic light purple nails are an emerging style that is now gaining a lot of popularity. With holo purple nails, you create a translucent ombre effect, making the nails look extremely gorgeous.

You can even notch up the style by adding elements of designs like rhinestones and patterns. Butterfly or floral patterns look very pretty with this design. It looks best on coffin nails of medium to high lengths.

  • Purple Galaxy

Galaxy nails are very unique and look fabulous on short round French Press. On purple galaxy nails, you have a base layer of light purple on which you apply specks of white and yellow. Add more color and toning to the design with hues of dark blue and orange.

You can take the look to a next level by adding stars with a defining pen. Add little shiny rhinestones and you will have the best galaxy nail art ever!

  • Glitter Light Purple

Light purple nails with a design of glitter are one of the best designs ever created. In this nail design, you can have the nail shape of your choice but make sure it is on the longer side. Add a cloud effect using the clear base and light purple color on the acrylic base.

Next, add lines and patterns of gold glitter on the nails to complete the look. Once you finish and cure the look, it is one of the best nails for formal events like parties, weddings, prom, etc.

  • Lavender Matte Acrylic

The idea for the Lavender light purple acrylic nails coffin design in matte might be a little confusing at first, but when put into effect, it is a really great design.

You can either apply matte lavender color on your nails by themselves or use designer elements like rhinestones, stickers, and laces to make it fancier. This design looks best on long coffin nails, which have been properly buffed and cured, to get the look as clean as possible.

Get this nail design and explore the creative world of acrylic nails.

  • Marble effect

Are you looking for something elegant and out of the box? This idea for light purple nails with the design of marbles is a great choice you can go for. In this design, ask your manicurist to paint the nails light purple and after curing the nails, get the marbling effect done professionally.

This look will look best if done by a professional. Long coffin nails are the best shape for this look. Get a white marbling effect on your light purple nails and see how pretty it looks.

  • Pastel Squares

Looking for something effortless and simple? Get square acrylic nails in short length with hues of purple pastels. This look is extremely sweet and supple and suitable even for teenagers.

Use square acrylic nails of the same length on every nail, and get it colored in an ascending or descending range of darkness. This way, the look appears to be uniform and looks very appealing.


These were the 8 best ideas for acrylic light purple nails. Light purple is a customizable color, that can be suited to your look in any way. Choose from the ideas above or make your own creative juices flow to find the best designs for light purple acrylic nails.