. 12 Men’s Summer Outfits to stand apart from the crowd this year

12 Men’s Summer Outfits to stand apart from the crowd this year

Summer Outfits

Global fashion is currently at a major turning point, as anyone who is even minutely interested in it must have noticed the changes. Many retro trends are coming back, white is being added to every outfit, and especially this year, bright colors are all the rage. 

So, does this mean casual men’s outfits must stay behind while women have all the fun? Of course not! Men’s fashion is becoming as much fun as women’s fashion, if not actually more.

Here we bring to you some inspiring fashion trends for Men’s summer outfits that are really all the rage right now.

Fashion and style define one’s relationship with oneself. There is nothing as delightful perhaps as dressing up well. Listed below are some summer trends that are really hot this season.

Tropical prints

Everyone loves good tropical prints, and you will find it super easy to incorporate colors into your outfit with the help of this trend. Beautiful shirts and t-shirts drenched in juicy tropical prints are surely the way to go this year!


If corsets are the rage for women, wearing vests without a coat on must be its equivalent in men’s outfit summer. Minimalistic, patterned, silk, embroidered – from simply classy to eloquently dressy, the vests will always keep you in everyone’s sight.

Silk ties

We are very proud to add this to the list. As ties are back casually! Broad, silk ties in bright reds, oranges, and bohemian prints are like the ultimate men’s fashion accessory to spice up even the most basic outfit with a touch of good taste.

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Low rise jeans

Another 2000s comeback is the low-rise jeans. You can opt for men’s women’s or unisex low-rise jeans as suit your personal style the best. This one is an absolute pass or smashes for most people, with equally enthusiastic supporters as haters on either side.

Puff sleeves

While going for dress-shirts, t-shirts, and fancy tops, opting for puffy sleeves can keep you in the front seats of good fashion. The trick is to downplay the rest of the outfit and make sure you are not going too overboard with the trend.

Bright colors

When we say bright colors we mean neither mysterious colors nor neon ones; we mean warm, flashy tones which pacify the eyes. We are talking garnet reds, vermilions, sea greens, tropical browns, and electric blues for a summer with a blast.


We are seeing a lot of comebacks in fashion this year, and crocks being a big thing again are certain proof of that. Crocks went from being crazy loved to crazy disliked in the past, and it turns out we are back to where we started, again.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are here to stay. They are spacious, comfy, and too mainstream at this point to go anywhere for quite some time. Velvets, fur, floral prints, bright colors, and the static black – if you are crazy about hats, well, you can own them all.

Light-colored trousers

If you want to make trouser purchases that make you stand out, go for light-colored trousers like white, beige, and simple browns. Fashion for summer men’s outfits have historically oscillated between light trousers and dark trousers, so owning a good collection of both is never a loss.

Causal blazer sets

For funky, semi-formal to casual occasions (or even super important occasions where you want to still dress your best) nothing will surprise you more than the options available in the niche of casual blazer sets. Especially, they are perfect for men’s summer wedding outfits.

Straw hats

Straw hats came right back into the scene in the spring fashion of 2021 and raged through men’s summer outfits in 2021. It seems like they are still going to be a huge thing in 2022. As the street style gets dressier, hats of all types and styles will be sure to make their way back. Now that doesn’t keep us from wondering how top hats with a twist would look!

Sling purses

Sling purses for men are the new thing; they look progressive, simple, and classy. Some sling purses like blacks and browns go very well with both summer and winter fashions. Others are more suitable for something like a summer beach trip.


Men’s fashion has been a whirl for the last few years as it is being used as an expression to counter toxic- masculinity and talk about gender and sexuality.

Gen-Z continues to introduce retro aesthetics that have brought a certain charm to the existing platform. It is indeed looking bright for fashion in the third decade of the 21st century, and we are all for it!