. 5 Perfect Gifts for the New Mom in Your Life

5 Perfect Gifts for the New Mom in Your Life


Discover the perfect gifts to put a smile on the face of a new mom in your life—including custom gold rings, spa kits, and more!

Being a new mom is challenging! There are so many brand new responsibilities to juggle as moms get accustomed to nurturing a new member of the family. That’s why a lot of new moms could use a little bit of a pick-me-up every once and a while! If you are shopping for a gift for the new mom in your life, then you’ve made it to the right place.

We’re taking a look at some of the best gifts that you can buy to make sure the new mom in your life feels loved and cared for. Today, we’re going to be exploring everything from sustainable gold rings to smartwatches and tote bags that are sure to impress! Let’s get started and find out which gift is the best choice for the new mom in your life.

For the Mom Who Values Sustainability: Aurate Gold Rings

Give the gift of a sustainable, dazzling, and durable gold ring

A custom gold ring from Aurate makes the perfect push present. Image courtesy of Aurate.

Jewelry is always a great gift for a new mom. But, there are a lot of jewelry manufacturers out there these days that can get away with selling less than high-quality products. Especially when you are shopping for the perfect gift online, it can be difficult to tell the quality of the jewelry and whether or not the piece was made using ethical and sustainable practices. That’s why we recommend Aurate gold rings for the mom in your life who values sustainability but also likes to show off a little extra golden shine. All Aurate gold rings are made from recycled—not mined—gold. Not only will she appreciate the quality and shine of these jewelers, but she’ll also appreciate that the rings were crafted with the environment in mind. Aurate gold rings are also durable enough to withstand the daily mommy duties required without the risk of excessive wear or damage!

For the Mom Who Loves to Stay Organized: Fossil Smart Watch

A smartwatch can be the perfect companion gift to go with gold rings and other accessories for new moms

A smartwatch is a stylish and hands-free gift option for new moms. Image courtesy of Fossil.

Staying on top of everything as a new mom can get difficult, so why not make staying organized that much easier for the new mom in your life. A smartwatch is an excellent gift to help her stay organized no matter what new motherhood brings. We recommend the Fossil Smart Watch since it comes in a variety of colors and styles that match well with different jewelry sets, gold rings, and other accessories! Using the smartwatch, she’ll be able to take hands-free calls, track her sleep cycles, and even use applications like Google Pay while on the go. Sometimes new moms need all the help they can get, and while hiring a personal assistant may be out of the question, she can use a smartwatch as the next best thing.

For the Mom Who Knows How to Relax: Lovery Bath Set

Get a gift that says—“Take a few moments to yourself, you deserve it!”

Taking time to relax is one of the most important things new moms can do to practice self-care. After all, it is an incredible feat to carry a child for 9 months and then immediately transition into mom mode! To show the mom in your life that it’s ok to take a break and have a little “me” time, we recommend this Gold Marble Bath Spa Mothers Day Gift Basket from Lovery. This is just one of the many spa kit gift out there that are specially formulated for new moms and are free of any harsh ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. We like this option because of the luxurious golden marble theme running through all of the included products.

For the Mom On the Go: Designer Tote Bag

Being a mom means you need to have all the essentials on the go

Diaper bags are a new mom’s best friend. But, there are far more options out there for the new mom in your life than just the standard diaper bag. Why not gift this stylish convertible diaper bag from Nordstrom to really surprise her and add a bit of designer flair to the mom-life? This makes a great mommy accessory along with the gold rings and smartwatch we previously mentioned. With space for mom and baby’s belongings, this bag is the perfect option for a new mom out running errands, heading out to lunch with friends, or taking a stroll through the neighborhood with her baby.

For the Mom Who Loves Staying Comfy: Fashionable Pajamas

Get her something comfortable for her to relax in after a long day of being a mom

Nothing is better than cozying up in your favorite pair of pajamas after a long day! So, why not give her the gift of her new favorite pajamas. We recommend this 3-piece set from STORQ because of its comfort and style. Not to mention, a button-down pajama top is perfect for nursing mothers. This gift pairs perfectly with a bath set to help the new mom in your life unwind for a few moments. Trust us, she’ll love her brand new PJs—and she may even ask for another few pairs!

New moms can always use a nice gift as a way of appreciating all of their hard work. Whether you decide on gold rings, a smartwatch, a spa kit, or any of the other gift options we listed, she is sure to be thankful that you are thinking of her. Remember, there is never a bad time to give a thoughtful gift to a new mom in your life!