. 3 Places to Find Designer Items on a Budget

3 Places to Find Designer Items on a Budget

Designer Items

Designer pieces are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday clothes and create a staple outfit truly unique from those around you. However, with designer gear comes designer price tags, and sometimes the piece you’ve got your eye on might be ridiculously outside what you’re prepared to pay.

Second-hand designer items, on the other hand, can be bought for prices up to 70% cheaper than the version brand-new – it’s just about locating these second-hand garments. In this article, we will explore three places to find designer items on a budget.

Thrift apps 

The second-hand market lives largely on mobile phone apps where people sell their unwanted goods for cheaper prices – and this includes many designer items as well. Apps like Vinted and Depop are a great place to start and are full of second-hand designer garments with a much lower price tag and a small postage fee.

These apps are really easy to use, with Depop and Vinted’s appearance identical to Instagram’s newsfeed. You can also browse clothes by category to narrow down what you’re looking for, as well as brands to filter out your favorite designer retailer.


Often overlooked by those looking for a bargain, pawnbrokers are a great place to find good quality second-hand designer goods for less. While shops vary depending on what the pawnbroker has in stock, it can be easy to find cheaper designer handbags and jewelry from these stores. 

Car boot sales

Car boot sales are probably the most traditional way to bag a designer bargain on a budget – but they rarely disappoint. After you find your local car boot, head down for the weekend and peruse around what’s on offer.

However, it’s worth making sure to check whether the items are genuine since some car boot sales are used as a place for people to sell off their counterfeits. Not sure what you’re looking for in a knock-off?

Here are five things to check to make sure a second-hand handbag is 100% genuine:

The price:

If the price seems too good to be true, then unfortunately it probably is. 

The brand:

Knowing your favorite designer brand by heart can really help, so look out for certain features you know are associated with the brand you’re interested in buying an item from.  

The print:

Again, being able to identify your fashion house’s signature print is essential for authentication.

The stitching:

Many designers use their own unique stitching style on their handbags, so looking for this little detail can help you work out if the bag is fake or not.

The material:

Likewise, many brands use particular materials – so check for your favorite leather or nylon in your chosen piece.

The next time you find a designer item that looks right up your street, consider holding off from splashing the cash and instead look for a second-hand alternative. With the money that you save, you might even be able to afford another in a different color as well.