. Face the Shape: 10 Gorgeous Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

Face the Shape: 10 Gorgeous Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

Women are always facing common questions about hair such as which haircut suits your face shape and how to find the cut that suits your face. You should choose a hairstyle that suits and complements your facial features, whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, round, rectangle, or square.

In this article I have explored the 10 super cute haircuts for the Rectangular face, with the help of these hairstyles you can choose the one that complements your face shape and makes your cute face look gorgeous.

If you are seeking a perfect haircut for Rectangular faces, I have got you covered here. Select the hairstyle from the following 10 hairstyles for rectangular faces and make it your style. Let’s come to deep dive into the article!

10 Gorgeous Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

In this section, I have covered the 10 Oblong face shape hairstyles, choose the one from the below section that creates a balanced look to your face and also softens the features and width of your face and flatters your unique face features. Here are those:

1) Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a gorgeous haircut for rectangular faces, they complement the face shape and features of your face. waves and curls of the cut create bouns and enhance the overall look of your face. This haircut helps to add the glamorous touch that truly transforms your rectangular face.

You can do the haircut for any length whether it is long or short or of any texture.

2) Layered cut

The Layered haircut adds dimension and softness to the rectangular face, this haircut is followed mostly by rectangular-shaped faces. Adding an extra long length layer to this cut helps to lower the sharp features open up the face and add depth to the face.

You can enhance your look by adding feathers around the rectangular length of the face. If you have thin hair maximum layered is needed and if you have thick layer then less layered is needed.

3) Soft Bob with bangs

A soft bob with bangs is the perfect choice for oblong-shaped face hairstyles. The length of the bobs falls around the jawline and chin area, it softens the angles and adds width to the face.

A soft bob with bangs on the forehead area adds a touch of softness to your face, a combination of these bangs and bobs boosts your natural look and frames your face beautifully creating a harmonious look.

Bangs are short at the forehead and longer to the side and up to the jawline, this haircut creates the illusion of a skinny and small face.

4) Frings and updos

Soft fringes and updos are the best haircuts for rectangular faces as they soften angular to create a balanced look. Soft tendrils around your face and jawline add a touch of elegance to your style.

Combining both updos and frings as low buns with soft fringes creates a beautiful illusion and adds natural beauty to your face.

5) Shoulder-length layered haircut

The Shoulder-length layered haircut is best to lessen the sharp features of your jawline and add layers depending on the volume of your hair. This haircut is most popular for its rectangular face shape.

Shoulder length layered haircut is versatile as it can adapt with curly, straight, wavy any type of hair.

6) Curtain bang with blunt cut

curtain bang with blunt cut is the perfect haircut for a rectangular shape, this bang with a blunt is a versatile haircut that helps you to soften the sharp features and add a natural look to your face.

These bangs are short on the forehead area and long on the side of the face, they highlight the chick bones and eyes and create an illusion that softens your face and gives a feminine and elegant look.
Adding a blunt offers an elegant and symmetric look that balances the facial features.

7) Asymmetric Bobs

An asymmetric bob haircut is never out of fashion, this haircut offers angles, uniqueness, and length of haircut which creates the illusion of the length of the face and width and gives your rectangular face an elegant and timeless look.

The asymmetric bob is a versatile hairstyle as it can be any length from chin length to longer layers and it is easy to maintain. If the asymmetric bob is carried correctly, can affect the balanced look and can draw attention to your facial features.

8) Shang cut with medium-length hair

Shang cut with medium-length hair enhances the features of the oblong-shaped face, as this haircut adds bounce and volume to the medium-length hair that complements your rectangular face.

Shang cut is a versatile haircut that can suit any type of hair whether it is straight, curly, or wavy hair. This haircut can add style and timeless elegance to your look. This cut can be customizable to focus the attention of eyes, chickbones, and jawlines providing a more elegant look to your rectangular face.

It is a trendy haircut of modern aesthetic and stylish elegance and this cut is suited to any occasion and appearance.

9) Pixie layered haircut

Pixie layered cut is the most stylish and bold haircut for rectangular faces as this is the short and layered haircut. This cut adds dimension, highlights your facial features, and gives you a stylish and bold look.

A Pixie haircut adds volume and bounces to your hair to look thick and fuller hair and balance the look of your rectangular-shaped face. This haircut requires low maintenance and it looks extremely stylish and beautiful.

This hairstyle can be customizable according to your choice you can add layers around cheekbones, and temples to offer a flattering look.

10) Face framing highlights with long layered haircut

Long layered with face-framing is the perfect choice for rectangular or oblong shape faces, as it’s a versatile and stylish option for any texture of hair. Adding layers and highlights can soften your facial angles, and add a dimension to your look.

Highlights are usually added around the face section, lighter share with dark hair creates the illusion and adds dimension to your face so your rectangular face looks stylish and beautiful.

Long layers with highlight framing can add volume and bounce to your haircut, as you can add these layers in various ways according to your choice.


In Conclusion, I have mentioned the guide about the 10 best haircuts for rectangular faces. Hairstyles have an important role in your overall look and facial display. Especially for rectangular and oblong face shapes the perfect haircut adds elegance and enhances your confidence by improving your overall look.

You can find the perfect haircut that compliments your facial features, softens angles, and creates a balanced look is totally depends on the personal choice of any individual. I have mentioned in the above article from the side swept ags to face-framing layered cut.

All the above-mentioned haircuts are the perfect choice for the rectangular or oblong-shaped face. So you can choose any one haircut from above and experiment with it on your hair and enhance the beauty of your unique shape face and which complements your facial features. So get ready today to unlock your stylish, elegant, and modern look!