. Shades of Cool: 5 Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Winter Weddings

Shades of Cool: 5 Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings are extra unique not just because they have that warm holiday vibe to them but also because the surroundings during this time of the year are unique and different from the palettes of spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Everything is blanketed in stark white snow and the sky is veiled with gloomy grey clouds. The overall ambiance is ethereal, dreamy, and a little bit whimsical.  

Holding a winter wedding takes a lot of considerations, from the venue and motif, down to the outfits and accessories of the wedding party. And speaking of outfits, clothing for a winter wedding must be something that will make the wearer stand out in the mainly monochromatic palette of the season.  

So, how does one pick a tone for winter bridesmaid dresses? First is to choose colors that look great in heavy and warm winter-friendly fabrics like velvet, silk, and satin. By doing this, you get to tick two boxes when it comes to the standards of choosing the right cold-weather dress: fashion and function. Next is to go for deep and rich shades that will stand out in the mostly white background – jewel tones, earth tones, frosted shades, metallics, and pastels.  

Feeling lost? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of inspirations for you in this article. We have rounded up some of the most gorgeous colors bridesmaids can wear for a winter wonderland affair. Read on and fall in love with these romantic palettes.  

Bridesmaid Winter Wedding Color 1: Black  

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If there’s one color that will stand out over the stark white of the winter season, it’ll be black. It is sleek, elegant, and looks good when used in just about any fabric and dress style. Black is breathtaking in its versatility that it can be employed in all kinds of wedding celebrations, from glamorous black-tie affairs down to laidback nuptials.  

Styling a black bridesmaid dress: To elevate the quiet simplicity of the color, choose a design with romantic details like ruffles or sleeves. To keep the girls warm and cozy, a statement jacket would also be nice. Finish off the bridesmaid look with sultry smokey eye makeup and bold lipstick colors like red or a flirty feminine one like pink.  

Bridesmaid Winter Wedding Color 2: Burgundy  

Another color that looks great for winter weddings is burgundy. This deep shade is an instant eye-catcher, rich and sultry. Dresses in burgundy instantly add warmth to the wedding’s aesthetic. Plus, they look stunning in photos. This shade of red is a classic pick, a timeless color that never gets out of style.  

Styling a burgundy bridesmaid dress: Take your burgundy bridesmaid look to another level by accessorizing! Wraps or shawls would be a great finishing detail to the look.  

Bridesmaid Winter Wedding Color 3: Emerald Green  

It is always a fashionable wedding when there are emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Deep jewel tones like emerald green are perfect for winter weddings as the colors are more dazzling and spectacular when paired with the lighter surroundings of the season. The emerald shade exudes opulence and luxury, just what a winter love affair needs.  

Styling an emerald green bridesmaid dress: Jewel tones look spectacular in velvet fabric, so make sure to use it. Another way to mix and match is to use different dress silhouettes for each bridesmaid. Let them pick a style that will highlight their figure and boost their confidence.  

Bridesmaid Winter Wedding Color 4: Sparkly Champagne  

Yes, you can use light-colored bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding! The trick to not look flat and boring is to go for dresses with sparkly embellishments like sequins, crystals, beads, and pearls.  

Styling a sparkly bridesmaid dress: Bring more bling to your dazzling dress by wearing faux fur stoles or bolero in white or cream. This accessory will not only be a phenomenal addition to the look but will also give warmth to the girls.  

Bridesmaid Winter Wedding Color 5: Dusty Blue  

Light and lovely, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are another top picks when it comes to winter nuptial entourage attires. The pastel palette provides a dreamy vibe to the wearer, reminiscent of woodland fairies and ethereal goddesses. The color almost blends with the monochrome surroundings, just like a lovely pastel painting.  

Styling a dusty blue bridesmaid dress: Use flowy material like chiffon or tulle to achieve that whimsical touch. To keep the girls warm, gear them up with a plush and chic parka to achieve a unique bridesmaid look.  

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