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12 Ultimate Lion Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoo

Lions are among the most popular tattoo designs for men as they represent dominance, confidence, strength, and courage. Being the King of the jungle, they are a matter of immense pride. The King Lion tattoos are immediately recognizable and open up a creative window for many options from photorealistic to geometric and tribal. In this article, read 12 different types of lion tattoo ideas from which you can find the best one for you.

12 Ideas For Lion Tattoos you should definitely try

Some exclusive lion tattoo ideas you must try. Let’s dig deep

  • Lion Face Tattoo

A lion face tattoo is extremely majestic and wise. You can go for this design in many ways, be it photorealistic or abstract. You have an open end to make this tattoo look as intimidating or as sophisticated and worn down you want. The face of the King would be a perfect match if you are looking for ideas about a lion tattoo on hand.

  • Lion With Crown Tattoo

Men can use this tattoo to reflect their protective nature for their families. This lion tattoo design is perfect for people who like to be in charge. It shows that you are strong charisma with a sense of freedom and royalty. As for a Christian interpretation, the Bible refers to Jesus both as a King and a Lion, so, if you find that interesting, you might go for a Lion King Tattoo.

  • Lion Tattoo for Women

You can go for a female lion tattoo and choose to make a lioness your choice because of the way lionesses behave in nature. They are powerful predators with maternal care. Lionesses make the perfect tattoo as a strong woman.

  • Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a tribute to the tribal heritage of a place. You can make a create tribal lion tattoo. A tribal lion tattoo on the chest would look very nice. To get the best out of this tattoo, use bold black colors with geometric shapes.

  • Small Lion Tattoo

A small lion tattoo might be of small size, yet has a big impact. If you’re going for a small lion tattoo, even that is striking and magnificent. It is ideal for anyone, be it a man or woman. Additionally, a small lion tattoo is suitable for your fingers and hands, forearm, neck, or behind the ear.

  • Lion and Cub Tattoo

Are you a fan of the Lion King? If you are, then there is no reason to tell you how wonderful the relationship is between a lion and his cubs. You can get a Lion King Tattoo as a tribute to the two heroes, Simba and Mufasa, and always remember Hakuna Matata because a lion represents freedom, authority and at times, fun!

  • Roaring Lion Tattoo

A roaring lion tattoo represents your strength. A roaring lion is proud and powerful. The roar of a lion is majestic and scares the life out of those who try to nudge him. It intimidates everyone and brings out the best side of the lion. A roaring lion tattoo is a great idea for men’s lion tattoos. It has a very masculine feel and also requires a lot of space, so it suits a chest, thigh, or back placement.

  • Lion Chest Tattoo

A lion tattoo on the chest provides the artist the freedom to work on a bigger canvas. This way you can have a bigger, more creative, and open design. It is a very brave choice that extends over your shoulder. If you get a lion tattoo on the left side of your chest, it represents courage as it is over your heart. This is the best lion tattoo for men.

  • Lion Hand Tattoo
Lion Tattoo
Image source: Style at Life

A lion forearm tattoo is an excellent example of power and masculinity. With this, you can express the wildness and virility of the lion. Focus on the eyes of the lion as it is always telling a story. A forearm tattoo is strong and bold. You can get it in color inks if you like, but black would suit this design the best.

  •  Lion Sleeve Tattoo

A tattoo that stretches from your shoulder to your wrist is a sleeve tattoo. A large lion tattoo anchors a sleeve design because it is very dramatic and catchy. It looks great with black ink. It also pairs well with lots of other symbolic tattoos, like eagles, roses, flags, etc. it is a great lion tattoo for men idea.

  • Lion Back Tattoo

Lion Tattoo on the back is bold and extroverted designs. This might represent extreme power, strength, and ultimate leadership qualities. For lion tattoo ideas on the back, you can use designs like lion face, lion eyes, full body of a lion, or even go for something more creative.

  • Geometric Lion Tattoo

You can go for a trendy geometric lion tattoo if you are looking for something modern and unique. In design uses various geometric patterns and shadings to create a lion face. This is a great option for a lion tattoo on hand.


These were 12 amazing lion tattoo ideas. Choose from among these or find the one you like and get inspired to create your own lion tattoo design. Good luck!