. What To Expect From 2022 Interior Design Trends

What To Expect From 2022 Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Interior design changes just as much as fashion, and it too can go through cycles. What once was deemed ugly for the home, can suddenly gain popularity, and become a statement piece. 2022 will be a different kind of year for interior design, with trends that we might not have seen before, but are influenced by the previous pandemic years. Find out more below about what you can expect from 2022’s interior design trends. 

Better Bedrooms

As more people become home workers, finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day has changed how we view our home. A trend that’s emerged because of this is people spending more on their bedrooms to create a cozy, relaxing haven that’s completely separate from work. Adding a new radiator to enhance the warmth or indulging in a new mattress will be one way to really enrich your room. A lot of bedrooms are simply functional without many design elements. However, due to us now needing a quiet, peaceful space to retreat to that’s not connected in any way to the workday, improved bedrooms are definitely a trend to expect. 

70s Retro

The 70s fashion style made a comeback with younger people discovering the joy of flared jeans and crocheted tops, and this is the same with the interior design too. More people are now finding joy in shag carpeting and different shades of brown, that in previous years would have been deemed as outdated. Creating a 70s boudoir will be an easy trend to follow and incorporate too, as finding vintage pieces is pretty easy.  

Home Office Spaces

Similar to how bedrooms have become a more important room in the house, having an office space is going to become a necessity. People will be spending hours a day in this room, so you can expect to see them go all out and create the perfect space. Not only does the room need to be functional, but it also needs to be comfortable to be in. Before the pandemic, not as many people were home workers, so the requirement of these spaces didn’t exist as much as it does now. 


Previous years of interior design have been focused on clean, simple palettes with limited textures. However, the use of different textiles in the home is making a comeback. Adding velvet upholstery and sheepskin rugs is one way of giving your home different layers. This trend can even be seen on walls too, with organic surfaces like wood being used too. 

Nature And Sustainability

Over the past few years, most people have spent more time indoors than ever before, so it’s only natural that they will now try to bring the outdoors in. This will be seen with the colors chosen for walls, such as forest greens and autumnal palettes. There will probably be a shift towards more sustainable appliances too as we all become aware of how much energy we actually use now that we’re at home more. The sale of indoor plants skyrocketed during the pandemic, and this isn’t looking likely to change anytime soon. Natural materials can be expected too with the use of wood taking precedent over previous trends of glass and metal. Bringing nature indoors can have a calming effect as well as add to your décor. 

The main focus of 2022 will be incorporating elements of nature into the home, all while improving the space you have. Hints of 70s décor will be visible for a while longer too. Overall, the interior design trends to be expected will be focused on creating a sanctuary and place of true respite.