. What Are The Best Home Improvements To Make For Your Retirement?

What Are The Best Home Improvements To Make For Your Retirement?

Home Improvements

In retirement, you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself whilst living carefree. During this time, you’ll likely spend most of your days around the home and that is why it is so important that your home is up to scratch to provide the comfort and convenience that you require.

For many, the changes that are needed could be too time-consuming to do or maybe they seem expensive and so, they think that moving home may be a better solution. However, with UK house prices being at an all-time high with the average being £274,000, moving may not be the best idea.

Instead, renovate your home and make improvements that will make your retirement more enjoyable and comfortable. Read on to find out what the best home improvements to make for your retirement are.


Many people want to learn how to do a new skill in their retirement and maybe cooking could be one for you. The kitchen is a great place to renovate in retirement as it can sometimes be tricky to navigate around. Instead, install a simpler layout of the kitchen and put things closer together.

Kitchen renovations can, however, take a while to do and come at a high cost too. To get around this, those over 55 have the option to take out equity release from their home allowing them to free up funds for renovations. Plus, if you do the renovation before you retire, you can start learning how to cook quicker.

Living room

For those that enjoy watching TV or lounging around and relaxing while reading a favorite book, sprucing up your living room is a must. For aesthetics, you may look to add a new lick of paint to make the room more visually appealing, but you’ll also want to make changes that support you in retirement.

This can include getting new comfortable furniture that will support your body or you may look to add handrails around the room so you can get around easier without worrying about suffering a fall. Currently, around a third of those aged 65 and over, do this each year, so you’ll want to do all you can to avoid injury.


With more spare time, you may also decide to give your garden some love and start growing some fruit and vegetables. This renovation project can be a bit cheaper than altering the inside of your house and it means you can enjoy your garden more when the sun begins to shine. Begin by mowing the lawn then get creative with how your garden will look to create your perfect oasis for chilling out.