. 7 Traditional Indian Wedding Sarees for Brides

7 Traditional Indian Wedding Sarees for Brides

Wedding Sarees for Brides

A wedding fills new colors in everyone’s life and gives new hope for the future together. For a woman, the wedding day is meaningful because it is the day of her dreams. If we talk about Indian weddings, they are full of excitement and fun, as well as vibrant cultural colors and customs. Additionally, the marriage becomes much more elegant if the bride is adorned in a traditional saree. There is seven traditional Indian wedding saree given below for brides:

1. Kanjeevaram Saree

Kanjeevaram is a type of silk saree made in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu, India. Kanjeevaram sarees are undoubtedly one of the best outfit options for women looking to dress in a traditional Indian outfit. Most ladies wear this Indian wedding saree on their special day in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Every closet must have space for this particular type of gorgeous traditional saree. These sarees can be the ideal attire for any celebration, whether you want to look stunning at your wedding or breathtakingly beautiful on a festive occasion. The Kanjeevaram saree is made of the finest silk with the most mesmerizing zari work. It is a work of art on fabric that has been treasured for generations.

This Indian wedding saree blouse design comes in various traditional and modern patterns and colours, including red, black, yellow, blue, green, and white. The fabric of a Kanjeevaram saree is unique because it is regarded as one of the strongest and most durable fabrics. This saree is also composed of three silk threads braided together with silver wire to increase its durability. Typically, a Kanjeevaram saree can weigh up to 2 kilograms and yet be cozy to wear. Additionally, it offers every bride a memorable appearance on her wedding day.

2. paithani Saree

The beginnings of the long history of Paithani silk sarees link to the royal dynasty of Paithan, close to Aurangabad. The original material for this saree was spun locally from pure zari and the most delicate silk threads imported from China. This Indian saree wedding is one of the most expensive due to its superb craftsmanship and premium silk. Slanted square borders separate it on the saree and delicate peacock motifs on the pallu. It has an elegant design and is perfect for the traditional Indian bridal look.

Marathi brides usually wear this saree for their wedding, giving it a royal touch. It comes in a variety of brilliant shades and patterns with beautiful borders, further increasing its attractiveness. This saree will significantly enhance your beauty on your special day and wish to reveal a stunning and ideal traditional look.

3. Gharchola Sarees

Gharcholas are traditional wedding saree origins in Gujarat’s Khambhat (Cambay) area. Around the 16th century, India’s Khambhat was a well-liked spot and a central hub for trade. This major commerce hub was renowned for producing silk and attracted traders from all over the world. It is from this port city that Gharchola first started weaving.


Since it represents a gift from the groom’s family, a Gharchola is a necessary part of the traditional bridal attire in Gujarat. On their wedding day, many Gujarati brides wear Gharchola sarees since it is also renowned as a unique bridal attire in the western regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

In the past, actual gold threads were used by weavers to make this costly Indian saree wedding. Today, however, real zari is made using real silver thread. These sarees are of the finest quality and are typically produced in the holy colors of red and green. They take pride in having a vibrant Indian culture that includes sculptures, paintings, and geometric patterns influenced by flora, fauna, and birds. This saree would be ideal if you also wish to enhance your bridal style by dressing in a vibrantly colored saree.

4. Chanderi

Chanderi art is a lovely gift from Central India to the rest of the world. Chanderi silk sarees are famous for being lightweight and gentle on the skin. Pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and Resham cotton are the three types of fabric used to make this saree. These wedding saree collections are among the best in India and are renowned for their fine silk, gold and silver zari brocade, and beautiful needlework.

It gives off a gorgeous appearance and is quite comfortable to wear, making it a fantastic choice for traditional brides. These sarees are only manufactured in Assam, and their bright golden yellow color may identify them. Brides look stunning while wearing this saree at their wedding or reception.

5. Pure Silk Sarees

It can happen if we discuss wedding attire without remembering to wear a pure silk saree. All brides aspire to wear pure silk sarees because of their purity, flexibility, and grace. These sarees come in rich, jewel-toned, delicate weaving patterns and commonly contain brocade or woven gold or copper borders and pallus

6. Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees are famous worldwide for their natural silk, delicate embroidered, gold, zari, and silver handicraft. People worldwide consider banarasi and brocade symbols of Indian culture and tradition since we are strongly connected with them. Banarasi silk saree can take weeks or months to manufacture, and these priceless garments have a naturally royal appearance.

These sarees are identified by their delicate interwoven floral and leaved patterns, bel, and a string of upright leaves known as jhallar at the outer edge of the border. It is the ideal gift of the century and is an essential gift for the wedding saree collection in many areas. It makes sense that every Indian bride envisions wearing a gold or silver brocade Banarasi and undoubtedly adds it to her wedding outfit collection.

7. Panesar Sarees

A unique style of wedding saree known as Panetar is worn primarily at weddings. These red and white sarees are made of the finest silk and have substantial gold accents and designs. The bride’s maternal uncle ceremonially presents her with this traditional Gujarati bridal saree on her wedding day. The Planetary saree’s beautiful border is deep red, while its body is white or off-white.

The pallu is frequently made of a golden weave and adorned with elaborate hand needlework, including zardozi, stone, and cut-grain work. Rich patola-woven Panetar sarees are precious, and women throughout India love them because of their everlasting elegance.

Bottom line

The top seven Indian traditional wedding saree for your wedding are listed above. Every saree has a unique characteristic and a lovely design. Every bride is considered to become even more special thanks to this beautiful fusion of culture and royalty.