. How to clean an electric kettle step by step

How to clean an electric kettle step by step

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Do you travel a lot and are you fond of having tea or coffee often? If yes, an electric kettle will be a very worthy option to go for. Using a kettle that runs on electricity, will turn out to be incredibly comfortable for you. Ordinary kettles or manual kettles need a gas stove or induction to function whereas, an electric kettle will just require a proper electric connection to function seamlessly. Suppose you are out on a business trip or you are enjoying a train ride with your family. At such times, it would not be possible to arrange for a stove, gas oven, or induction. But, what you can do is, use an electric flask and make your tea, coffee, hot water, etc effortlessly under minutes.

How to maintain an electric kettle over the long run?

While using an electric kettle is incredibly convenient, you need to take off its maintenance to make it work for a long time without creating any issues. For example, if you are out on a trip and immediately require hot water. But, your electric kettle dysfunctions unexpectedly. You can imagine the amount of trouble it will cost you, isn’t it? To avoid such situations, you need to keep your kettle under a little maintenance and supervision. Now, you might be perplexed about how to maintain your hot water kettle. Well, that’s easy! All you need to do is clean your electric kettle over time to keep it under supervision. Though it is small in size, it needs to clean up often for proper working. Do you know how to clean a kettle running on electricity? If not, you are at the exact place to get proper guidance on how to clean your electric hot water kettle.

The manual to clean up an electric kettle

Cleaning up a hot kettle is not very complicated as you might think. The steps involved in it are pretty simple and the ingredients you will require are easily available too. So, get ready to know everything about cleaning an electronic kettle perfectly.

Before hopping on to the instructions, have a look at the list of ingredients and tools required to clean up your electronic water kettle incredibly. Make sure to keep everything gathered to conduct the process without any extra hassle.

List of ingredients you will need for the cleaning of your water boiler kettle

Have a look at the list:-

  • White vinegar, natural lemon juice, or, citric acid power – This is significant to remove the debris accumulated on the kettle effectively. White vinegar, lime juice, or citric acid, you can work with any of them, and the results won’t differ.
  • Liquified dishwasher – You can work with any liquid dishwasher containing less harmful minerals. Mild dishwashers are the best to go for. Dishwashers with harsh chemicals can be harmful to your electric water boiler.
  • Baking soda – For a proper cleaning, baking soda is mandatory. Use baking soda from the best brand available in the stores.
  • Olive oil or coconut oil – This is optional. However, if you wish to use any of these oils, make sure to use the ones from the best brands available in your area.

List of equipment you will need for the cleaning of the hot water jug

Have a look at the equipment list:-

  • Bottlebrush – Use a good quality bottle brush to work seamlessly
  • Microfiber cloth – Gather a microfiber cloth for proper cleaning of your electric kettle

Step-by-step demonstration of cleaning an electric kettle

Have a look at the instructions involved in cleaning up your kettle running on electricity:-

  • The first step – The first step to clean up your water heater kettle is descaling it with the help of white vinegar, lime juice, or citric acid powder. For descaling, you will need to fill up your kettle with water and add any of the following to it and let everything boil in the kettle for a minimum of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, throw away the boiled water.
  • The second step – In the next step, disassemble the electric jug. The disassembling is necessary as different parts of the kettle need to be cleaned separately.
  • The third step – In the next step, you will have to clean up your kettle water filter. This step is extremely important so, never skip out on this step. If you feel, that normal cleaning won’t help, you are welcome to replace the water filter.
  • The fourth step – In the next step, it’s time for some scrubbing. Use the bottle brush and scrub the interior of your water heater jug using a mild liquid dishwasher. Through this step, you can remove all of the remaining debris in your kettle.
  • The fifth step – In the next step of the cleaning procedure, scrub the exterior of your electric water boiler gently. After all, presentation is significant too. Using a dirty kettle won’t be appealing right?
  • The last step – In the concluding step, wash the water boiling kettle properly. However, never fully submerge it underwater as it may lead to permanent damage to the heating element of the electronic water kettle. At last, complete your cleaning procedure by wiping off the water with a microfiber cloth and assembling all the parts properly. Make sure the kettle is dried up properly before you switch it on again.

You will need to repeat this process at least four to five times a month as it will remove all the hard water minerals stuck to the body of the kettle. Besides this, the water filter of the kettle should be cleaned thoroughly too to avoid harmful bacterial accumulation.

Closing notes

This was all about cleaning an electric kettle effortlessly and perfectly. The electric kettle’s uses are plenty and once you start using it, you’ll experience its convenience. However, remember to clean up your kettle often, take reference from this article for proper cleaning of your electric kettle.