. 6 Unique Coffin Nails Ideas

6 Unique Coffin Nails Ideas

Coffin Nails
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Nail art has risen to be one of the easiest and most versatile ways to start on top of trends and their recent rise in popularity is only an added proof of that. Social media is often flooded with a number of new nail art styles every new summer, and some of them are chosen as people’s favorites for the year. No wonder, the tone of 2022 has been set with coffin nails.

Keep reading this article to discover 6 surprisingly unique summer and fall coffin nails for women of all ages!

What is the coffin nail?

Coffin nail is a recent favorite in the world of fashion. The number of styles they come in is astonishing, and the shape that they are can be spotted by some following different aesthetics. Coffin nails are similar to Ballerina’s nails, with the exception that these nails are edgier and are shaped exactly like coffins on the top. Hence they are adding a sharp end as well as a slight tapering to the traditional square shape.

Although these nails started out as a longer nail type, these days shorter variations have become equally popular including the famous French coffin nails.

Unique coffin nail ideas

Among a plethora of coffin nails flooding the contemporary social media world, these are undeniably our favorite picks.

Coffin rhinestone nail designs

You will spot a number of sparkles on this list. Rhinestones and glitter have won over Nailtok and Nailcore without a doubt. Bringing in a Marilyn Monroe twist but to your nails, you can add rhinestones to French tips, white or glitter gradient, a retro baby pink base, or simply to piercings.

Coffin rhinestone nail designs would be perfect with the add-on of nail piercings, don’t you think? With sequins and rhinestones making a major comeback in designer fashion, surely we are bound to see unending styles of nails to match this comeback as the summer progresses.

Lavender coffin nails

Though at first sight, you may shrug us off saying lavender is such a last year color, our sources confirm that with the preppy dresses and petite Bardot Tops lining stores for oncoming summer, pinks, lavenders, and purples are going to definitely be the chosen nail colors of the year.

Think of an 80s swirl lavender coffin nails set; refreshing isn’t it? This year lavender ombre is being paired with unthinkable colors – neons, reds, and greys! However, jumping on this bandwagon is a regret-proof experience!

Sparkle birthday nail coffin

Have you been looking at a sparkling birthday nail coffin along with sparkling birthday jewelry and a little black birthday dress all over the old-money-aesthetic-core and sighing? Well, the good news is the classic retro sparkle nails can be manifested by literally any nail practitioner, even your regular one.

These birthday coffin nails are somewhat inexpensive and look so, so good! If your birthday falls in the summer months, this coffin cute birthday nails look is definitely Instagram-worthy, at least for a wild night out on the nearing weekend. Who said you can celebrate your birthday only for a day?

Coffin black and silver nails

The sparkles return in another form. Coffin black and silver nails are for our minimalist readers who are looking for glitter without being loud. These two shades are such that you can keep your wardrobe as diverse as possible without thinking twice while you sport these nails.

What is stopping you from looking like a perfect girl boss this summer? Surely not your nails! Black and silver nails can majorly be ombre, but can also come in abstract nail art styles and geometric nail art styles. If you have a particular color in mind, go ahead with a three-color palette without delay!

Nude ombre coffin nails

For office goers and the boho chicks out there, the options for perfect nude ombre coffin nails are endless. You can add to your usual nude ombre routine a pattern of ethnic designs like the colorful mandala or tribal folk art. Especially if you plan a beach visit within the hot summer months, these styles are sure to serve you well. You on the other hand go completely metallic with your nude ombre and for sure even chrome.

Chrome nails are also in, big time! Otherwise, true to our prediction on this list, a completely bedazzled coffin nail set with a nude ombre at its base is easily the most striking, classy nail set we have seen in a long while.

Clear coffin nails

Another sub-genre with no end to ideas within it, the clear coffin nails might indicate a white french tip, a multi-color french tip, clear confetti coffin nails, clear marble coffin nails, abstract tip coffin nails, marble coffin nails, portrait coffin nails, flame tips coffin nails, floral coffin nails and more.

All these fall nail coffin styles undoubtedly work on a clear base and you get the opportunity to show off your healthy nail cuticles. This is also an extremely trendy nail choice since it goes with the overall funky aesthetic that has settled into every niche of fashion in the year 2022. They are striking, to say the least. You might go as funky then with your graphics on your clear nails as you want to, you better believe us!


Be it spring coffin nails or summer, their year-long popularity has been proven at this point. On top of that, nails being nails, our users get to try out not one, not two, but every one of the nail ideas on the list. Why hold back when it comes to inexpensive additions to our everyday look just to step our glow-up game on a further level!