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What Commissions do Watch Sellers Make?

Watch Sellers

When it comes to watches, there are two main types: luxury and designer. Luxury watches are the ones that usually come with a high price tag, while designer watches are more affordable. But no matter which type of watch you choose, you can expect to pay a commission to the seller.

The commission is the percentage of the total sale price that goes to the person who sells the watch. In most cases, this is a retailer or dealer who either owns or works for a store that specializes in selling watches. The commission varies depending on the brand and model of the watch, as well as the seller’s location and relationship with the manufacturer.

But generally speaking, commissions range from about 2% to 10% of the total sale price. So if you’re buying a luxury watch that costs $1,000, your commission will be between $20 and $100. And if you’re buying a designer watch that costs $200, the commission will be between $4 and $20.

Keep in mind that the commission is just one part of the total cost of a watch. You’ll also have to pay for things like taxes, shipping, and other fees. But if you’re looking to get the best deal on a watch, it’s important to know how much commissions can add to the final price.

How Much Money Do Watch Sellers Make?

The average commission that watches sellers make is between 2% and 5%. However, some watch sellers may make more or less depending on the type of watches they sell and the amount of experience they have. Generally speaking, experienced watch sellers who sell high-end watches can expect to make higher commissions than those who sell lower-priced watches.

Watch sellers typically work on a commission-based pay structure, so their earnings are tied to the number of sales they make. The more watches a seller sells, the more money they will make.


Some watch sellers may also receive bonuses or other forms of incentive pay based on their performance. For example, a seller who consistently meets or exceeds sales targets may be eligible for additional bonuses. Watch sellers who work in luxury watch stores may also receive a higher commission rate than those who work in more affordable stores.

In addition to their base commission, watch sellers may also earn a percentage of the profits from each sale. For example, if a watch seller sells a watch for $1,000 and the store’s profit margin is 20%, the seller would earn an additional $200 in commission (2% of $1,000). This type of commission structure is more common in high-end stores where watches are typically sold at a higher price point.

Are there any Perks for Becoming a Top-Selling Watch Seller?

Yes, there are perks to becoming a top-selling watch seller. For one, you’ll probably be able to command a higher commission rate from the brands you sell. Additionally, you may also be able to get exclusive access to certain products and events. Finally, you’ll likely develop strong relationships with other influential people in the watch industry, which can open up even more opportunities down the road.

It’s not just Rolex watches that can make good money, as The Watch Exchange London explains, sellers of all types of watches can make a commission on every sale. With a little effort, you could be selling top-brand watches and making a commission on each one. Why not get started today?