. 5 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Engagement Ring

5 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

If you’re planning to propose to your partner and get engaged, congratulations on this exciting time for you and your loved ones. However, you must know that picking the right engagement ring can be pretty complex, and you’ll have to pay attention to the smallest details.

Before visiting your local jewelry shops or online stores, it is essential to learn the basics of ring shopping and research the metal bands used in diamond rings, different stone shapes, and cuts. If you are going solo for the engagement ring shopping or even scouting out rings together with your partner, here are our tips to help you pick the right one:

1. Budget Your Purchase

It’s easy to get tempted by the glittery options out there. We’ll recommend setting a budget before you even step into that store. A piece of traditional advice around engagement ring shopping says you should ideally spend your salary of two to three months on your engagement ring. However, such spending tips are merely gimmicks.

Determine your budget based on your affordability, current financial situation, and anticipated expenses from the future for engagement parties or weddings. Not following random bits of advice regarding engagement ring shopping can reduce your financial burden and anxiety and help you focus on finally being with the love of your life.

2. Observe Your Partner’s Style

Another crucial step before you begin your engagement hunting is to observe your partner’s style and choices. You can determine their choice by asking yourself questions like:

  • Do they own more gold jewelry pieces or silver ones?
  • Is their fashion preference traditional, vintage, or modern?
  • Is their style minimalistic, or do they like to make statements with what they wear?

We also recommend observing their clothing carefully if you’re struggling to determine their taste in fashion. If they like to wear a lot of neutrals and professional attire, we advise going for minimalistic ring designs to help complement their style. And going for colored stones or intricate cuts may be a better choice if your partner is more into colors and florals.

Talking to the fiancé-to-be’s family and friends will also be beneficial, as they may be more aware of your partner’s preferences and can guide you accordingly. You may also consider taking one of their friends with you to help you pick out the best ring designs or just guide you about the style and likings of your partner.

3. Research and Finalize the Shape

Research the ring’s cuts before starting your search to help understand the fundamentals. Your engagement ring hunt becomes significantly more manageable when you determine the diamond shape your significant other would like, as it can narrow down your options.

Diamond shape, also known as diamond cut, comes in various styles and is priced differently. The most expensive cut is generally a round diamond cut, and then the pear-shaped and marquise-shaped cuts follow it in terms of pricing. If you opt for a bigger ring size, it is better not to go for a classic round cut, as that can drive up the cost.

4. Select a Metal for the Band

Most engagement rings or wedding bands are traditionally made with gold, silver, and platinum. The gold may vary between traditional yellow gold or white gold, and the trend of going for rose gold metal bands has emerged in recent years as it gives a more polished and modern look to the ring. Silver bands tend to be more affordable and can provide the same look as platinum. Platinum is far more expensive among all these options due to its greater density. Make sure you keep your budget and the durability of the metal in mind.

5. Buy Certified Diamonds

An engagement ring is likely one of your life’s most expensive purchases. It is important to avoid scams or fraudulent activities by always purchasing from a store where you are ensured that the stone in diamond rings is certified by an accredited body like the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America. Otherwise, your diamond can have inflated grades, giving the false illusion of high quality.

End note

Buying an engagement ring does not have to be stressful or complicated. Setting a clear budget beforehand will help you narrow your choice and not overspend. It is essential to pick the right metal suitable for your partner and the right shape for the ring. You can ensure the suitability of the ring for your partner by closely observing their style and fashion choices for a few days before you begin your shopping. We recommend going for certified stores to avoid any scams or fake diamonds. Reading these tips for engagement ring shopping will help you find the perfect ring for your big day and avoid scams or pitfalls. We also recommend checking online stores and searching diamond engagement rings to survey the market beforehand and save time.