. Breaking The Mold: Doing Swimwear Differently

Breaking The Mold: Doing Swimwear Differently


Staying on top of the latest swimwear trends can become a tiring task. Between celebrities and influencers, it seems like there’s a new hot trend every time you check social media. While knowing what trends are hot and which ones have faded out can be useful in social settings, it’s also a gratifying feeling to break the mold and do your own thing.

Figuring out your own style while considering the top trends of the year is how you can stand out. Mixing in your favorite prints, outfits, and accessories can be the difference between getting overlooked at the pool or gaining major compliments from friends and fellow pool-goers. Use the styles and techniques that influencers are raving over this season but put a personal twist on them to create a style unique to you.

This can be done with your current wardrobe if you have a creative mind, or it could be the perfect excuse to go on a shopping trip with the girls. Either way, make sure you incorporate statement pieces and choose items that make you feel confident and beautiful!

 Keep it sporty

If you like to stay active during your pool or beach days, consider mixing your trendy swimwear with a sporty look. Whether you enjoy walking on the beach or swimming a few laps in the pool, creating a sporty look will help you stay trendy and active.

A great way to incorporate this look with current trends is by pairing your active bottoms with a dry-fit top that lets you easily move around. Looking for ways to make plus-size swim skorts a trendy and sporty look? Add a short-sleeved half-zip swim top and pair the look with a cute hat and a ponytail. Try to find the skort or top in a vibrant and unique pattern to keep up with the current trend, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer sporty look!

Even if you prefer sipping drinks by the pool or lying down on the beach with a good book, the sporty look is a great way to break the mold this summer. Having a sporty swimwear look is great for bad hair days or days where you may have to run several errands in between catching sun rays.


If you’re looking for subtle but efficient ways to break the mold this summer, focus on your accessories! You may already have the perfect swimsuit that you can’t wait to debut, but you want to take it a step further. That’s where your accessories can come in handy.

Start by finding a floppy beach hat to help keep the sun out of your face and keep your hair at bay. It will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe and help you avoid sunburn on your face, keeping your skin nice and healthy.

Add a pair of fun and chunky sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can hang outside all day long without getting a pesky headache. Try to find a neutral color that will match all your favorite summer swimwear. 

The most important accessory that you’ll want this summer is a fresh set of nails. Now more than ever, influencers and stars have shown that it’s essential to have freshly manicured nails. Consider going with summer or beachy colors like blue to stay festive and keep up with your hygiene.  

 Make it an outfit

One of the best ways to break the mold is by creating gorgeous outfits around your swimwear. Sure, you may be wearing just the bathing suit while you’re hanging out by the pool or splashing around on the beach but having a full outfit for the day can really set you apart.

Add a pair of sheer flowing pants with a high waist for a casual day by the pool with friends. It will give you extra coverage when you’re not in the pool but still give you a cute and casual look. This lets you show off your trendy swim top without feeling too exposed.

If you’re planning a full day of beach and fun, consider finding a crochet handbag and cover-up dress. Keep it nice and flowy with a lightweight material. You can throw it on to go to your favorite beach bar and easily take it off when you get back to the beach. Keeping things simple and chic will help you pull off a trendy and unique swimwear outfit.