. A Perfect Guide To Summer Ombre Nails For This Year

A Perfect Guide To Summer Ombre Nails For This Year

Summer Ombre Nails

Summer is always about being a little extra when it comes to fashion and nails. With bright-colored outfits and that perfect beach bod, it is mostly little extra touches that have you stand apart in the crowd. A bold lip, some accessories, and of course, getting the nails done. What nail work would suit this summer better than the classic summer ombre nails?

Ombre was everywhere last year (well, and the one before that and the one before, you get what we mean) and fashion predictors are almost sure they are not going anywhere this season either. So here is your ultimate guide to 8 nail art styles you can flaunt right till the beginning of fall.

8 summer ombre nail art styles that will keep all eyes glued to you

Since nails are by virtue that one accessory that needs to be changed within a limited frame of time, they automatically become the best way to incorporate trends into your style directory. Such tiny rendezvous with trendy styles prove to be as classy as they are inexpensive, thereby keeping that purse as bein future as the rest of you.


Florals have taken the market by storm, and it is awe-inspiring what creators have done with it. Be it your regular salon or a brand new place, chances are they would have a lengthy assortment of floral styles for you to choose from. Especially if you plan to deck yourself with vibrant, feminine outfits this summer, floral is your thing.

Animal prints

Nail Art

On the other end of the spectrum are the bold and seductive animal prints that never disappoint. Leopard and tiger prints can be customized with sparkly, mysterious shades that radiate confidence and glamour. If you plan to spend a wild summer on beaches and at parties, start with an animal print in your favorite hue.

The minimalist half-transparent

Wild and bright is not everyone’s style. What if we could keep it subtle but still eye-catching? Well, you can! Flaunt your healthy cuticles(believe us, your girlfriends and colleagues will go crazy over that shine) by keeping the bottom half of your nails transparent and letting the magic play out at the top.

Nerdify it

The favorite show, favorite anime, favorite quote? To the extent that you want to carry the memory of their existence along with you? But is not wearing a graphic tee that screams their name quite out of fashion these days? What is in fashion instead are anime nails, statement nails, and nails that flaunt certain hard-to-spot elements from your favorite creation that only other diehard fans will understand?

Gloss vs matt!

Matte ombre summer nails are another thing that is not going anywhere soon. Closely competing with them and recently trending over social media are the sparkly, glossy ombre nails back after a long hiatus. The key to choosing the design that will suit you is to mentally sort it with your upcoming events, planned outfits, and the color and cut of your hair at present.

Two-toned ombre nails

Two-toned summer ombre nails have this one advantage that speaks for itself: you can get them done in any two sets of shades, letting your imagination run wild. Sure that you have a taste in pairing colors that far surpass even professionals? Put your skills to the test with the added benefit where you can flaunt how it was all your creative role that brought up such massive results.


To add something more to your professionally produced bright summer ombre nails would be just the thing, wouldn’t it? With the early two thousand’s trends circling back to prime time fashion, rhinestones are gaining back their lost fame too. Besides, who doesn’t like some jewels at their fingertips?

3D ombre nails

A rising star especially among younger women is 3D nail art. Perfect for summer ombre acrylic nails is the addition of something three-dimensional over their breadth. The internet is filled with 3D styles that are sure to make your nails look like an influencer’s, especially focusing on proficient craftsmanship which will be the only thing to be able to do these designs any justice.


Ombre nails are loved by almost every woman and all fashionistas have tried them out at one time or the other. With style at our fingertips, we can now look up any design we love and take it to our nearest salon – to the extent that we can even conjure up our styles with the help of an experienced expert.