. 16 Tasty Treats for a Health-Focused Christmas Day Menu

Merry and Mindful: 16 Tasty Treats for a Health-Focused Christmas Day Menu

Christmas Day Menu

As Christmas day is approaching people are excited and start thinking about what they gonna do on that day with their loved ones. On that big day, you should have thought about a party in which a huge amount of healthy Christmas recipes and food will be prepared in variety.
So in this article, we have written a well-structured low-saturated fat recipe food that will help you to celebrate and eat healthy at the same time on the Christmas day menu

Appetizers and Starters 

1. Roasted Vegetable Skewers with Yogurt Dip

On a big day like Christmas, the appetizers and starters should be also specials. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on it. Roasted Vegetable Skewers with Yogurt dip is a recipe that can be cooked in a minimum amount of time. The ingredients you will need are different vegetables, you can also have fruits, cooking oil, Greek yogurt, salt, and a wooden skewer to make the base.
The preparation will not take much time also before starting cooking the vegetables should be cut and placed in the wooden skewer and after that oven should be heated at a minimum temperature. This appetizer taste increases at night and on Christmas dinner, if you can do this it will just make the guest say delicious.  

2. Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms 

In a Christmas day menu adding spinach and artichoke stuffed mushroom can be a good idea due to its taste and size. As for the ingredients you will need a bag of mushrooms which you will find in any supermarket or grocery store in your area also keep in mind that the mushrooms should be button type, spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, garlic, parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper. Mostly everything except the mushroom will be chopped. After that it will come in which mushroom will be the base and the mixture of spinach, onion, cream cheese, and artichoke heart with garlic will be placed at the head of the mushroom. In the end, just the parmesan cheese needs to be grated and the dish needs to be heated in the oven at 190 degrees Celsius. 

3. Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites 

At your party on the evening of Christmas dinner night, you want an appetizer that doesn’t fill your guests and that is low low-saturated fat recipe. So, we bring you this smoked salmon cucumber bite which is a perfect Christmas recipe. For the ingredients, you will need cucumber, salmon fish, cream cheese, dills, lemon zest, and capers. It’s not hard to prepare the dish the cucumber needs to be sliced into circles and try to find sliced salmon fish it will make things easier for you than chopping the dills and garnishing the capers. In the end, take a bowl and put the cheese dills capers lemon zest and mix it until it becomes creamy. Then put that in the cucumber’s head and with a toothpick string the salmon fish piece in it. A tip you can grill the fish a little bit with salt to enhance the taste.  

Salads and Sides 

1. Pomegranate and Walnut Spinach Salad

Eating food without salads and sides is like being in a park without rides. So this pomegranate and walnut spinach salad will fill that space and if it is not possible try the other two remaining options and we are sure you will love it. As for the ingredients like the name suggests pomegranate, chopped walnuts, and chopped spinach with feta cheese crumbled on it with some salt and pepper will make the whole salad complete and for an extra, you can add balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It’s easy and will not take you much time to prepare for Christmas cooking time and you can enjoy the rest of the time on yourself. 

2. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower 

This is a side, not a salad you can enjoy it while having your main dish at lunch or Christmas dinner time. Also, the best thing is it will go with any main dish as the ingredient used in it is universal like cauliflower florets, Garlic cloves, yogurt, cooking oil, chives, salt, and pepper that all need to be mixed and you will be ready to serve it after mixing it until it does not look creamy. Also, can add boiled potato in it to make it heavy it will still taste good but it depends on you and we want you to be healthy and avoid too much starch in a day.

3. Lemon Herb Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

In the Christmas day menu, you want to serve a salad and side which is something different from regular recipes, and searching for it. This is the perfect one for you on Christmas cooking you can create this salad and serve it with your main course. You just need to gather Brussels sprouts, lemon zest, cooking oil, Garlic, thyme leaves, salt, and pepper, and after chopping and sprinkling it over you are done. It will be healthy and also taste good with any kind of food you serve. Also, it is a low-saturated fat recipe which makes it eatable for older people too. 

Main Course 

1. One-Pan Herb-Roasted Salmon and Vegetables

In this list of Christmas day menus, this main course dish is chosen because of its being healthy and due to having a similar starter so if anybody chose that can go for it. The dish is not hard to prepare and if the person has chosen the salmon fish starter he already have the important ingredient just need to gather the other which are a bunch of asparagus, trimmed, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved, 1/4 cup of cooking oil, 3 cloves garlic, minced, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, 1 teaspoon dried rosemary, Salt and pepper to taste, Lemon wedges and fresh herbs for garnish which is optional if the person wanted to add it.

2. Quinoa and Vegetable Stuffed Acorn Squash

At a big day celebration party cooking food which have all different ingredients can make the process longer and harder for the chef. So, we want you to enjoy your party as much as you can because it’s once in a while where everybody gathers and shares a table. For preparing this dish the ingredients you will need are Acorn squash which is halved and the seeds removed, Quinoa which should be cooked before use, Mixed vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Red onion finely chopped, Feta cheese crumbled, oil, Balsamic glaze, Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Grilled Lemon Garlic Salmon

Having a salmon fish dish on the Christmas day menu is common as it goes with other food items. While increasing the taste of other dishes which are served with its like rice. The dish will never disappoint you as it is healthy and tasty made with Salmon fillets, Lemon, sliced, Garlic, minced, Fresh dill, cooking oil, Salt, and pepper to enhance the taste. Also, the thing you need to be aware of is that the grill is to be preheated at medium-high heat, Seasoning the salmon fillets with cooking oil, minced garlic, chopped dill, salt, and pepper is necessary.

Desserts and Sweets 

1. Fruit cake

On Christmas day menu without a cake is incomplete and most people will agree with it. So serving a cake will be the best idea as a dessert for your party. The requirements are simple just need to gather eggs, fruits chopped into very small sizes, sweet jelly if want to add, milk, flour and after completing the procedures need to oven it and the cake will be ready to be served.

2. Innovative Ice cream 

In winter many people like to have ice cream also some people don’t like it. So we are leaving this to you what your guest and you will like. However, the innovative ice cream is a good choice because you can serve it with some special ingredients just buy regular ice from the store and sweets or toffies which you would like to have on your ice or you can use chocolate or other serom on the ice for making it fun and tasty.

3. Cupcake 

Cup cake is added because many people don’t like fruit cake or one kind of cake so what you can do is create a cupcake instead of a cake in your dessert. Having cupcakes will increase the variety of tastes and people will try them more and like them. It is perfect for health-conscious people as cupcakes are small in size and will contain a small amount of fat compared to a big cake piece.


1. Sugar and Salt Lime soda

This drink which is liked by most people will rock on the Christmas Day menu as it’s healthy and the most part helps with digestion. As the lemon and soda have their magic in the belly the guest will love it. To create it you need lemon, water salt, sugar, and liquid soda. The steps are simple in a glass quiz out the lemon and then add an ice cube plus 30 ml soda with salt and sugar then with water mix it. 

2. Apple Punch

In Christmas cooking preparation you will feel like serving a special drink. So, this will fulfill that part. Apple juice is liked by many and you can also serve it on your party. For creating it ice, apple juice, or apple serum whichever you prefer plus black salt will do the whole thing. The steps are simple grind the ice put it in a glass add the serom or juice put a little bit of soda if it is juice and if that serom just sprinkle the salt and serve.

3. Hot Chocolate Coffee

Serving hot chocolate at the Christmas party is a good idea as it will be cold outside and guests will be cold due to coming from the outer cold. Getting a hot chocolate will make them happy mentally and internally. To create the hot chocolate will need dark chocolate, sugar, and milk, and you just need to melt the chocolate in milk but before that boil the milk and then add the appropriate level of sugar otherwise it will spoil. 


On the Christmas day menu everybody wants to serve special dishes to their loved ones and if that’s home make it even more special. This article contains a list of food items and recipes that are healthy and can be cooked by you on Christmas. we expect that you will be cooking for a Christmas meal dinner or lunch so it has everything from appetizers to desserts and beverages which fulfills the all criteria a lunch or dinner celebration can have on the cooking list.