. 12 Cute Short Acrylic Nails Ideas You're Gonna Want to Try

12 Cute Short Acrylic Nails Ideas You’re Gonna Want to Try

Cute Short Acrylic Nails Ideas You're Gonna Want to Try

If you are even remotely related to social media, you are sure to know what a big trend cute short acrylic nails have been in the past few years. This trend was made famous by some of the most iconic singers and pop stars. And, guess what? Now everyone is getting them, and it’s time you get it too. Although acrylic nails are often associated with extra long nails, various designs have come up to make acrylic nails shorter, more natural-looking, and comfortable.

Acrylic nails, like every other part of makeup,are all about art and creativity. A lot of people use acrylic nails much like their natural short nails. So, keeping that in mind, here in this article we have discussed 12 very cute short acrylic nails ideas. Get inspired or find your perfect suit from here.

How long does it take for acrylic nails to fall off?

Acrylic nails look extremely pretty, but one thing a lot of people are concerned about is how costly it is, and how long do acrylic nails last. Yes, even though costly, your cute short acrylic nails will last you longer than your average nail polish. The durability of the nails highly depends on the standard and quality of the products used. Like fake acrylic nails of cheap quality might last for two to three weeks, while that of standard quality can last you for a good eight to ten weeks. However, if you want your cute short acrylic nails or stiletto acrylic nails to last for a long time, weekly maintenance is essential. Your nail stylist has to fill the natural nail growth frequently, or it might damage the appearance of your nails.

12 cute short acrylic nails ideas

Here are 12 cute short acrylic nails ideas that you can craft and design in any way you want.

Fall acrylic nails

With the fall season at its peak, you can get a fall design for your cute short acrylic nails. Some of the best combinations for fall acrylic nailsare hues of ochre yellow, orange, brown, and redElegant designs like maple leaves, pumpkins, or, falling brown leaves resemble the fall season and make for great short acrylic nails.

Halloween acrylic nails

With Halloween around the corner, take your short acrylic nail design up a notch by including the effects of Halloween. You can get fun Halloween designs that will look really cool. Small prints of skeletons, pumpkin heads, spiders, and other spooky stuff will be perfect for the Halloween season.

Cupcakes and Sprinkles

Enhance your childish side with cute short acrylic nails with sprinkles on top. The best base color for this fun idea would be pink, yellow, white, or something funky. You can even use different colors on different parts of the nail. On top of that cute pictures of colorful sprinkles and small cupcakes will help pop up the entire look.


Fruit-themed cute short acrylic nails are one of the most trending ideas on the internet today. Influencers are wearing acrylic nails with drawings of miniature fruits of vibrant colors like strawberries, cherries, slices of orange, watermelons, avocados, etc. All these combined make a delicious punch of taste and technique giving you a unique acrylic nail design.

French Manicure

Are you looking for clear acrylic nails? Well, the French manicure is one of the most popular ideas for short clear acrylic nails. The best shape that goes with it is the C-curve tip, but you can also try these on stiletto acrylic nails. With a dotting tool and fine brush detail, you can make any design you want on these beautiful short acrylic nails.

Clear pink acrylic nails

Clear pink acrylic nails are hard to maintain but worth every trouble. You can get these nails gone easily by a professional acrylic nail artist. If you want your nails bedazzled you can even incorporate 3D stones and jewels. Make any design you want with a fine brush and you areready to show your nails off.

Mismatched Nails

Painting all your nails of the samecolor is so last season. Bring out your bold and funky side with mismatched nail designs. Thesecan be anything you want. Feel free to play around with different colors, shades, designs, and tones on every finger. You can even get theseacrylic stiletto nails.

Geometric nails

Get interesting geometricdesigns and patterns on your cute short acrylic nails. Play with fun patterns like circles, curves, squares, hexagons, straight lines, and various other shapes. You can either get thesedesigns on clear acrylic nails or on any base you like. However, we would suggest you get simple and Fun patterns on clear acrylic nails with coloredFrench tips.

Nostalgic nails

Remember your favoritecartoons? Well, now you can get cute short acrylic naildesigns with your favoritecartoon characters. Hello Kitty Nails, Powerpuff Girls nails, and other nostalgiccharacters are some of the most useddesigns for this pattern. While it might be a littledifficult to get these in the first place, the results are tremendously cute.


Loopy lines and shades always look cute, especially if they are used with the right contra5st of colors, they aresure to pop. A swirly design of nails will look fantastic with any outfit you choose to wear. Get the shades right, and there you have it!

Glitter nails

Want to go extra? What shouts extra better than glitters? Use gel glitter paint on your cute short acrylic nails and get a glamorous look. Glitters look amazing with everything you wear. Glitter acrylics are a great idea even for stiletto acrylic nails.

Animal Prints

One of the best things about animal prints is, you can wear them anytime irrespective of what season it is. These nails can be used for every season. Zebra stripes, tiger nails, or cheetah prints are some of the best cute short acrylic nail designs.


These were some of the best ideas for cute short acrylic nails. If you are planning to get your nails done any time soon, this article might just be for you!