. Why has Denman Brush For Curly become such a craze?

Why has Denman Brush For Curly become such a craze? Know all about the curly hair secret taking the internet by storm

Denman Brush

For the last few months, the Denman Brush for curly hair is a name that has been uttered by almost every curly girl influencer on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. So many beauty influencers are swearing by its efficiency and affordability. So what makes Denman’s hairbrush for curly hair so popular and well-liked?

What is the Denman Brush?

For most of us women, our hair occupies a huge segment of our self-identity. Our curly hair, on the other hand, has truthfully seen a history of both celebrations as well as a judgment from the ever-changing social standards regarding beauty. On the other hand, the key to good hair for every hair type lies in a flawless hair routine.

Let us just say it: curly hair is gorgeous. There is no way we would trade it for anything. However, haven’t we always been told that managing curly hair is way harder than any other hair type? So many of our friends would often want to know why we just cannot brush our hair. Well, guess what, babes, we now can. And to be fair, the Denman brush for curly hair has existed for the last 80 years. Not only does it brush our hair, but it also reduces the frizz and accentuates texture and curls.

A brief history of the Denman brush

The Denman brush for curly hair was designed in the 1930s by John Denman Dean. It rose to popularity very quickly even back then due to its durability and precision. He created the pins of nylon, because of which they could be used in heat. This was a major revolution for the curly-haired aesthetic back in the day.

In the beginning, it was only used to create sleek buns. But today we know the pins are especially adept at redefining the curls on our head and the soft, rounded cushion padding cuts off the frizz.

Which Denman Brush for Curly Hair will suit?

The best Denman Brush for curly hair for your specific needs depends majorly on your hair type. The Denman Brush for curly hair comes in three types, each suited to a different kind of hair.

The original D3 Brush

The original D3 brush has 7 rows and is the original Denman brush created. It is suited to medium curly hair.

D4 Brush

The D4 Denman Brush for curly hair has 9 rows on it and is much preferred by people with tighter curls.

D14 Mini Styler

The D14 brush has 4 widely spaced rows. If you have loose, wild curls this brush is definitely for you.

In general, the more the number of rows, the tighter a set of curls that brush will be suited for. Hence, it goes in the order of D4, D3, and D14 from tighter to very loose curls.

How to use a Denman Brush for Curly Hair?

Now, you must be asking yourself, how to use a Denman brush for curly hair? Well, the brush for curly hair Denman can give anyone the hair of their dreams after a simple routine with only an even simpler set of steps. Here is what you should do to get the perfect curls.

Use the brush on wet hair

Using a Denman brush on dry hair isn’t recommended as it might add to the frizz. Hence, it is recommended that the brush be used on damp hair to make full use of our hair’s extensive property.

Use conditioner before

Again, to get a smoother, healthier, and more clear look, use wet or dry conditioner on your hair before going in with the Denman brush for curly hair.

Do not use this brush to detangle

If you have been following the curly hair routine for a while now, you would know that detangling is best done with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. The Denman brush isn’t for detangling, as it can damage hair follicles on the way.

Hair curling products

If your look needs to be pronounced, curls, do not hesitate to add in a few curling products or volumizing products along with the brushing routine. Most of the time, a texture spray made for curly hair or all hair types also works beautifully.

Heat protectant

Since you are using heat on your hair and scalp, a heat protectant is a must for healthy hair. Not using a heat protectant when heating hair daily can damage the strands, and the scalp and cause your curls to flatten out with frizz.


The Denman brush is a godsend on stressful, lazy days. Use this brush once and you will never look back.  It works brilliantly on curly hair to give you the look you are aiming for without fail every time.