. DIY Coaster Making Idea with Cardboard and Old CD

DIY Coaster Making Idea with Cardboard and Old CD

DIY Coaster Making Idea

The coaster is one of the small objects in the house. Even though the object is small, it helps a lot. Using a coaster protect our home table and other decorated objects. Today I will know you easy DIY Coaster Making Idea with Cardboard and Old CD. If we put hot tea or hot coffee directly on the table, the heat can ruin our table. This same action is also done by placing cold drinks or other cold items directly. Coaster is the only solution to all these problems. Nothing cold or hot directly harms our furniture when using the coaster.

CD Coaster: DIY Coaster Making Idea

Remember the old days when we play music, watch movies to playing CDs. If you are not throwing old CDs into the trash yet then it’s time to reuse them. You just need few things to make a CD coaster.

Things you need to make CD coaster

  • 1 old CD
  • 1 thin rope
  • Glue
  • 1 or 2 artificial flower
  • 1 art paper

How to make a CD coaster

First, the art paper has to be cut into rounds according to the CD size. Then you have to stick art paper with glue on both sides of the CD. Now we have to take a thin rope. Now you start rolling the rope in front of the CD in a round shape. You have to do the round shape with a rope until the CD fully covers with the rope. This is the last step then your CD coaster is ready for use. Glue an artificial flower to the coaster and here is a ready DIY CD coaster.

Cardboard Coaster: DIY Coaster Making Idea

Cardboard is a thing which is available in everybody’s households. Few colors and paintbrush or you can use a sketch pen to design it.

Cardboard coaster

Things you need to make cardboard coaster

  • Orange color
  • White color
  • Black color
  • Red color
  • Paintbrush
  • White art paper
  • Cardboard

How to make a cardboard coaster

Take a cardboard and cut 4 pieces of cardboard into 4.5 inches in square shape. Cover the cardboard pieces with art paper. Draw a design on it with the mention colors. Let it dry. After dry, you can use the coaster.