. Do Effie's domestic ironing machine worth the money?

Do Effie’s domestic ironing machine worth the money?

Effie's domestic ironing machine

Ironing your clothes, it’s quite a problematic task. It is also easier to fold the laundry. With the increase in the number of people starting to use technology to perform the less exciting tasks of our life, household chores like folding the laundry are an ideal ring and no exception. To make things easier, the start-up team of Effie has planned to complete all these household chores so that you do not have to worry again. This machine helps you to give the final touches to your clothing.

What is Effie?

Effie’s Stylish-looking spacious wardrobe is available with wheels in this world of technology. This wardrobe does not require plumbing; you can store it anywhere in your house. All you need to do is ensure the water tank is filled up. This machine can iron 12 garment pieces at one time. This feature makes Effie a complete time saver.

You can also put your wet clothes directly from the washing machine into this iron machine, and your clothes will come out dried up and ironed within six minutes. If your clothes are dry, it will take just 3 minutes for it to iron them. This machine also comes with a separate bag for drying some delicate items and also comes along with a handy touch-up tool so that you can add the proper color press to your shirts.


There are a few advantages that you may experience if you purchase this machine once in your life.

• This machine can handle up to 12 pieces of garments and dry and iron them quickly without any problem. 

• It takes only 6 minutes to completely dry and iron the garment and only 3 minutes if it is dried.

• It has different setting conditions for delicate clothes, which can be controlled with the help of the beautiful companion application.

• This machine also aromatizes your clothing with the help of the aroma pods, which can be purchased from the application itself.

• Can be moved very quickly because it has attached wheels.


• This automatic iron machine is quite costly and challenging for some people to purchase.

• The machine requires high maintenance.

• The water that is needed for steam iron requires replenishment at regular intervals.

• Steam ironing is not suitable for every type of fabric. St steam ironing cannot remove creases on heavy fabrics such as polyester blends and wool.

• Effie also cannot iron clothes that are too long, such as overcoats or anything below the knee (trousers or pants are omitted).

What is the cost of Effie?


The estimated cost for this machine has been set to around €700 to €1000. Despite the high price, you can rest assured that this is a one-time investment, but people may be thinking about whether this investment is worth making.

The investors and the manufacturers clean that this machine does not use such power. The amount of power used by this machine is not more than a standard hair dryer. If you compare this with a regular tumble dryer’s power consumption,  you will find that the tumble dryer consumes more power than this machine.

Is this Machine Worth the Money?

If someone has $1000 or €1000 to spend for some lifelong investment, this machine can be considered entirely worth the money. It provides many advantages, so you do not have to worry about your clothes if you need them ready within a minute.

This machine has a search pressing system that can sense all the differences between a cotton shirt and a delicate piece of clothing. The process of ironing the clothes with the help of Effie is simple, as you can handle it all with the help of the mobile application. Thus, in the end, it becomes a complete value-for-money product.

Our review

This machine has proved to be very useful and a rewarding experience for those who have used it. You will save a lot of time and energy while using this machine. It is an excellent investment for the people who can afford it. It is costly, making it very difficult for some people to afford it. It would help if you used it to know how valuable this machine is.


So if you plan to purchase this iron machine, you can rest assured that your money won’t be wasted. Technology aims to make your life better and better as time passes by.