. 7 Exclusive Travel Yoga Mats - Stay Flexible!

7 Exclusive Travel Yoga Mats – Stay Flexible!

Travel Yoga Mats

If you never wish to miss any day of your fitness routine, even while traveling and exploring, having a yoga mat in your backpack is the key to unlocking the lock of your dream and dancing your pounds off.

A yoga mat is a primary requirement for any workout as it helps you practice all the basic fitness exercises in different environments.

So, whether at the beach or in the hotel room, get access to your fitness place your fitness gym with just a good yoga mat and a decent network connection to watch Erika bloom pilates yoga session available at that place and that time.

Having a good yoga mat proves how with full dedication, nothing is impossible. Choosing the right type of mats can efficiently help you manage all the drawbacks of not exercising during your trip.

Therefore, to make it easy, we have listed some of the top travel yoga mats you can choose from according to your taste preference and requirements.

Factors to consider while choosing my ideal travel yoga mat


The weight is the most important essential that you need to consider because if the travel yoga mats are not comfortable and convenient to carry. In contrast, while traveling, you might find it difficult to carry them everywhere and thus resulting in finally leaving them behind in the hotel room.

Flexibility and Thickness

The flexibility and thickness of the travel yoga mat are other essential features you should look at while purchasing. The yoga mats made for travel purposes are thinner than the regular yoga mats we find in yoga studios.

Ensure that the yoga mat is easy enough for you to carry around. If it’s a thicker mat, it might take up more space in your bag and make it bulkier.

Top 7 yoga mats for traveling

Amid this rising competition when multiple different yoga accessories are available in the market, the yoga mat is the easiest to carry during your trip.

Adidas Yoga Mat

Specially built for yoga and ground exercises, It has a special nonslip texture to prevent sliding during floor exercises or hard-core deep-rooted poses. It has an easy-to-carry strap, so you can carry it anywhere while traveling. It has a simple, and sophisticated look, which doesn’t make it awkward with your overall look. Made in China, it Weights about 1.4 pounds and is 69 inches x 2 inches x 4 millimeters in dimension.  The new collection is available in vibrant orange, white and black colors. It also has the Adidas warranty.


  • It comes with an easy carry strap and is super lightweight, making it easy for you to carry during your hectic tours.
  • It has a sophisticated look making it convenient to carry anywhere after your workout session.


  • The yoga mat is extremely lightweight; it might keep curling up when Laid flat on the surface.
  • It is quite thin and not worth the high price you spend on it.

TPE Yoga Mat

It is extremely lightweight and easygoing. Your exercise mate is thus now waiting for you. Go for your favorite exercises with this TPE Yoga mat., which is 10” long and 2” wider than our regular yoga mats. You get access to 2 different color shades to choose from. This durable mat is exclusively made for non-slip performance with a premium cushioning of 6mm.


  • It is durable and a good option for various workouts, yoga practices, aerobics, or even jumping.
  • It is water resistant and water absorbent mat type.


  • It might seem to be too soft for certain yoga practitioners
  • A little shorter for averagely tall people.

The Combo Yoga Mat

This combo yoga mat is all you need for those with a Sweating problem. It is eco-friendly and has a sweat-absorbent microfiber on top with a natural layer made of rubber. It is the ultimate solution to sweat measurement and ensuring stability. With this combo mat, you also get an Anthropologie bath mat and a pink bath towel.


  • Enjoy the facilities of a travel yoga mat and a towel.
  • It is made with eco-friendly materials; it is durable, cushioned, and easy to have a firm grip.


  • It has a terrible smell

Gaiam Longer/Wider Mat

Gaiam Longer Mat provides a solid base while doing your yoga session. Durable as well as lightweight. This mat is a perfect choice for your home or studio.  The mat would become slippery even due to the lightest touch of water.


  • Best suggested for tall people.
  • It is textured in such a way as to resist slip.


  • Though harmless, the mat might give off a strong odor when unpacked.
  • The mat might get damaged if exposed to heat for a considerable period.

JadeYoga Travel Mat

If you are someone who likes closer contact with the ground, then this one is for you. It is a thin mat, and thus some users might be needed to use a Pad under their knees. This travel-friendly mat folds up easily and is a great option for luggage.


  • It gives you an incredible grip.
  • It is a greatly comfortable, eco-friendly mat.


  • Even after airing, the smell of rubber remains.
  • After continuously being used for some months, the mat might start slipping.

Bala Play Mat

This is not as thin as you are thinking it to be. It is 8 millimeters thick and is super comfortable and easy to use. It contains a waterproof topmost that doesn’t slip due to water or moisture. While traveling, whether it be after a hectic journey or a sweaty exercise session, do whatever you want.


  • It has the best cushioning facilities, double the standard cushion in regular mats.
  • Suggested for meditation on the move


  • Since this mat is thick, if your luggage is small, it would take a lot of space and weight if you plan to carry it while flying.

Ajna Natural Jute Mat

The best organic mat if you want something eco-friendly and easygoing. It is durable and will be good for use in the long run. It weighs around 3.3 pounds, is made with jute, it is 72 inches x 24 inches x 5 millimeters tall. Perfect for yoga, fitness, meditation, and exercise.


  • If you want something organic, this is the best option.
  • It is also safe and sustainable for a long period.


  • It doesn’t have the desired durability since its bottom portion is made of PER, the abbreviation for polymer environmental resin.


Have your travel best friend always ready to travel with you in one corner of your lululemon black backpack.