. 6 Upgrades To Consider For Your Garage

6 Upgrades To Consider For Your Garage


If you’ve already transformed your property into your dream home, there’s a good chance you’ve overlooked the garage. And there’s no reason your garage can’t be just as spectacular as the rest of your home.

So, to help you transform your garage into a stylish and modern area like  ADU Los Angeles we’ve listed six inspiring upgrades for you to consider.

Install A New Garage Door

If your garage door is looking a bit shabby and rusted, it’s worthwhile to start by having a new modern door installed. Moreover, consider installing the best garage door opener as well, so you can enter and exit the garage order with ease.

It’s best to have a professional service handle this installation for you because installing a garage door is a bit of a dangerous job that requires expertise and specialized tools.

Get Organized

It’s pretty easy to end up with a cluttered and chaotic garage area, primarily because this home area is typically used for storage. Simply organizing your garage can make a massive difference to the area’s overall look.

Slatwall organizers are a great solution to keep the area neat and tidy. Otherwise, overhead garage storage systems are also an excellent option. Organizing the garage will also make more space.

Cabinet Storage

Cabinets are another excellent method of keeping the garage organized and tidy. You can opt for any type of cabinet, but choose colors that complement the walls and flooring.

With this, it’s wise to choose a garage cabinet system. Modular cabinets that cover one wall of the garage will give you more than enough storage space. Moreover, with a cabinet storage system, everything can be neatly packed away, reducing clutter even more.

Redo The Flooring

Garage floors are typically concrete. However, concrete floors can’t uphold a modern appeal. Epoxy paint, regular floor paint, concrete stain, sealer, or even snap-together tiles are excellent choices.

Otherwise, you can also consider laminate flooring, tiling, and hardwood flooring if you don’t plan on using the garage area for parking your car.

Install Bright Lighting

Even if you aren’t a hands-on homeowner that enjoys DIY projects and fixing your car yourself, a garage area should always be well-lit with bright lighting.

Install new lighting fixtures that properly illuminate the area. Moreover, consider simplistic modern lighting fixtures that will double up as accent points.

Repaint The Walls

Repainting any area of your home can boost value and appeal instantly. So, it’s wise to repaint the interior garage walls with high-quality paint.

Opt for neutral tones or a modern, sleek black to give the garage area an instant makeover.

Upgrading and restyling your garage area is the last puzzle piece to your dream home transformation. Moreover, this home upgrade will boost your property price quite a bit.

That said, you can manage most of these upgrades with a DIY approach, but it’s essential to rely on a professional service when it comes to upgrading the garage door simply because this project can be tricky and dangerous.