. Is Laser Hair Removal Realy Worth The Money?

Is Laser Hair Removal Realy Worth The Money?

Laser Hair Removal

With warmer weather and summer holidays around the corner, you might be thinking about how to achieve that silky-smooth skin without going through multiple razors and ending up with irritation and rashes. Laser hair removal is the most current hair removal method seeing an increase in demand. However, shaving, waxing, and epilating can be very time-consuming and leave you with unsatisfying results. Still, you might be wondering what the cost behind this treatment is as it is considered a professional medical-grade treatment.

The costs can vary depending on the size of the area, location, type of technology. Still, here we have summarised the prices according to a course of 8 treatments with Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela for laser hair removal in London:

  • Full legs laser hair removal can start from £748
  • Underarms and bikini area laser hair removal can start from £400
  • Full back and shoulders can start from £699
  • Full-body laser hair removal can start from £1,699.

When you choose a clinic, you will find that they have many packages and options available for men and women. Laser hair removal works by having concentrated light beams targeting follicles to stem hair growth. The laser targets melanin, blood, and water in the skin. Compared to other methods, laser hair removal may seem like a hefty sum. Still, it has been deemed a ‘beauty investment’ when you consider the number of razors and waxing appointments you will be booking throughout your lifetime.

Laser hair removal can permanently reduce hair. After your recommended course of treatments, you should expect up to 80% hair reduction; this can fluctuate due to changes in hormones, but you can still consider hairs to come through finers and in sparse areas. For this reason, your clinic may advise you to have yearly top-up treatments.

After the first treatment, you can expect to have the hairs grow back typically two weeks after the successful first treatment; you will notice the hairs starting to shed from the follicle. This is why there needs to be a 6-8 week gap between treatments to allow the hair follicles to come through the growth cycle so the laser can target each hair follicle at the root.

You can find many client testimonials online about the long-lasting results and benefits of having a course on laser hair removal treatments. It has been considered worth the money, but it has been known to be a time-saver, reducing ingrown hairs and providing smoother skin.

If you’re unsure if laser hair removal will be a successful treatment for you, it is best to book a consultation with your chosen clinic and go through all the questions before starting any treatments. As with all aesthetic treatments, there can be side effects that the practitioner should discuss. They are also less likely to occur if you go to an experienced clinic with laser treatments and follow the pre and post-care information they provide throughout your treatment plan.