. How Can You Make Someone Feel Special?

How Can You Make Someone Feel Special?

Feel Special

Whether your friend is going through a hard time, or you just want to show your appreciation to a family member – something we can all agree on is that we love to feel special. Not only this but giving gifts or making someone else feel better about themselves can also make you feel good about yourself, so it’s a win-win! Here are our top tips to show the people important to you that you love and care about them.

How to do it?

Surprise them from time to time – There is nothing better than a surprise, no matter how big or small this is, if it is delicious chocolate hamper or an overnight trip to a nearby city, I’m sure they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Make time for them – what better way to make someone feel special than give them your time, this could be as simple as stopping by their house for a cup of tea, biscuit, and a chat, or running an errand for them that they have been putting off doing themselves.

Actually tell them they’re special! I know this can be difficult for some of us, but I promise you it really isn’t too hard! Why not send it in a handwritten letter if you feel uncomfortable in person, this way they can read your kind words again and again.

Give them compliments – Try to notice little things about them, maybe words that they always say or something they do as part of your routine that you admire, and give them a compliment! Even better if it is something that they have not heard before, as it is more memorable and unique to them.

Listen to them-Put away your phone and actually listen to what they are saying to you, not only is this polite but you may actually find out or notice things about them that you have never realized before. This will make them feel as though they are a priority to you, and that what they have to say is important. P.S ( it usually is!)

Ask about their favorite spot and go with them– Whether this is the local park or café, showing interest in where they like to spend their time and taking a trip to visit this place shows that you listen, but it also is special to them that you are able to be there and experience it with them. Ask them what they like and learn about it, you never know you could find something else that you are interested in, and you could make it a regular activity to do and enjoy together!