. A Complete Guide to Reset a Keurig – Coffee Machine Reset

A Complete Guide to Reset a Keurig – Coffee Addict Must Know This

Reset a Keurig

If you are a coffee addict, it would be very irritating for you if your coffee machine breaks down. This may completely ruin your morning.

The Keurig coffee maker is an absolutely wonderful machine. It makes your coffee brewing extremely convenient, which allows you to brew single cups of coffee just with the touch of a switch.

But when this machine starts malfunctioning such as Keurig all lights on, Keurig flashing lights, etc, it would completely ruin your convenience along with your morning. So, that is why here we are presenting the process to reset Keurig in this article.

Resetting a Keurig                      

If you reset your Keurig, it will solve most of the problems. This guide on how to reset a Keurig will help you get back all your happiness when you face a breakdown in your machine. We know the feeling.

Basically, there are two types of Keurig machines –Version 1.0 and Version 2.0. The process of resetting them is different in both cases. In this article, we are going to cover the process to reset Keurig the version 1.0 first and then version 2.0.

The Process to Reset a Keurig (Version 1.0)                 

If your Keurig has faced a breakdown, you need not worry. You can reset them and then they will be ready to use again. The process to reset Keurig does not require any kind of special tools. And thus make them easy to use.

  • At first, you will need to try to open and close the K-Cup lever. After opening the K-Cup lever, then close it in the same way as you do while adding the pods. If there is an interruption in your coffee brewing cycle, this step will reset your Keurig and it will be brewed again.


  • If the problem is not much into the coffee brewing cycle or if you see that the descale light won’t turn off, then you can try the process of switching it off and on or the Keurig auto-off setting. Do make sure that the plug is unplugged. This method will help fix the issues of the buttons, clocks, or problems related to the display.
  • Sometimes, the problems may also be caused due to issues in the water reservoir or Keurig not pumping water. If this occurs, you can remove the reservoir and then put it back again. After this, all you need to do is to press the start button. This will be enough to free your Keurig from the problem.

The Process to Reset the Keurig (Version 2.0)

Although Keurig Version 2.0 was launched with some better and more efficient features, people still encountered a few bugs and glitches. The 2.0 versions have some complicated computers which make it difficult the process to reset Keurig fully.                                                                             

  • If you have a digital display in your Keurig, start checking the menu so that you can reset any setting that does not seems to be normal. For example, if you face that your brewer is turning off randomly or the Keurig keeps shutting off or the Keurig shuts off when I hit brew, it would be better if you check whether the energy-saving mode and the auto-off features are turned off.
  • If you are facing issues with the button, clocks, or the display, you can resolve them by turning off the entire machine. Do not forget to check that the machine plug is unplugged while it is turned off. Then let it rest for a few minutes. If you allow the machine to have some rest, it may remove the glitch that it is facing.
  • Sometimes, the Keurig machine may have an air bubble formed in its tubes that may lead to the Keurig not dispersing water or the Keurig frother not working. To fix this problem, turn off the power, unplug the machine, and detach the water reservoir (if it is feasible). Then hold the brewer upside down and hit it gently on the sides. This process would be enough in order to remove all the air bubbles and solve the issues of Keurig not pumping water.
  • If Keurig’s descale light won’t turn off, then there might be something that is blocking the water flow. You must find it and fix it properly. But how? In that case, when Keurig slim descale light stays on first you need to turn it off. Then empty the water filter to put descale solution to remove any gunk. After that switch on your machine and put a cup underneath to pour the mixture.  Now switch on the brewer and then rinse the water reservoir completely. This is the way how to turn off descale light on Keurig slim.
  • If your problem is in the display, that is, if it is blank or it is malfunctioning, all you need to do is to take off the plug and then plug it back again. Once your brewer is turned on, open the menu and set the clock, and adjust the features according to your preferences. Then just raise and lower the brewer lever.


Although these brewers are convenient and very user-friendly, the process of resetting them is a bit tricky as they do not have any sort of reset button. The errors and glitches will become an interruption in the process of your wonderful morning.

If all the process to reset Keurig mentioned above is not working or if the machine is having some serious problem, you should contact Keurig itself and ask for service.