. How to Fix a Tear in Leather Chair?

How to Fix a Tear in Leather Chair?

Leather Chair

Hopefully, you have already started scattering your mind imagining the product suits best according to your need. But what if you already have an old chair?  it is important to know how to take care of your goods right? Don’t worry here you can also find the solutions too.

How to clean a leather chair?

To tackle the dirt strains there are many ways to clean the leather chairs. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Add some vinegar with water then using a cloth rub this mixture slowly in a circular pattern on the leather surface. Don’t keep it too wet.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner if it’s not a deep strain. And once a week use a duster then wipe the surface with minimum water in it.
  • There are leather soaps and saddle soaps available on the market you can use them with a clean microfibril cloth.

fix a tear in a leather chair

Leather is very sophisticated so it can be damaged by many things. But now with easily available material on the market, you can repair it with your own hand.

  • Firstly, clean the area with a mixture of vinegar and warm water using a clean cloth. Gently wipe the area.
  • Then dry the area as soon as possible because damp leather is more vulnerable and you can’t fix the tear in damp leather.
  • Cut the threads of the edges and make the area smooth.
  • Take any part of your denim jeans and make them smooth and fit it beneath the damaged area. Make sure that the size of the denim patch is large than the torn part.
  • Use pincers to make the path smooth and flattened.
  • Use a super glue specially made for leather like vinyl fabric glue, apply a small amount beneath the tear, and spread it.
  • Use your hands and connect the two sides of the tear. Hold a heavy item to maintain gentle pressure on the tear.

How to reupholster a leather chair?


The amount to reupholster a leather chair depends upon its size and cushion type. It’s a perfect way to give a new life to your recliner.

  • Choose a nice piece of leather and size it according to the padding of your cushion and always make sure that you must leave 3-4” extra on the sides.
  • Take some leather shears and a tack hammer to set the piece
  • Position the leather piece on the padding and leave the vent holes in the plywood base.
  • Now stretch the leather with temporary tacks and staple the corner edges first. Then pull the temporary tacks.
  • Make sure that there are no bumps anywhere after stapling.
  • After all of this here comes the best part. Use a heat gun on soft leather in the corners. If you don’t have a heat gun then don’t worry a hairdryer set on high does the job.
  • Pull the excess materials and staple them too. And check the smoothness.


Now, we have come a long way. Thanks for reading here. Probably, you have already planned what type of leather chair you will buy. Best wishes from our side.