. 7 Amazing Products and Design Choices to Spice Up Your Beach Home’s Living Room

7 Amazing Products and Design Choices to Spice Up Your Beach Home’s Living Room

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When you’re looking to make your new beach home a dream home, the living room is one of the first places you have to rework for your tastes. Finding products and design choices that are wholly you, but which are made to fit the beach aesthetic you’re now living in is the key to success. To help new beach homeowners unlock their dream living room, here are six amazing products and design choices that will spice up your beach home’s living room:

1. Woven Dining Chairs

Woven dining chairs bring elegance and beach-centric sensibility to any room you include them in. Their comfortable nature makes them that much more desirable for anyone looking to spice up their beach home’s living room. The simplicity of these chairs is mixed with a durable design, making the investment that much more attractive for budget-conscious homeowners. If you choose to go with white cushions for your woven dining chairs, just make sure your family and guests stay aware of keeping them clean (otherwise, you’ll be cleaning them way more often than you’d like to). These chairs are great paired with jute decor like a rug.

2. Wide Windows

When you live next to the beach, one of the greatest perks you have is the gorgeous view. If you choose to install wide, light-friendly windows into your beach home’s living room, you’ll get to enjoy the comforts of the indoors without sacrificing the beautiful view that brought you to live next to the beach in the first place. Understanding where to install the window is the most important consideration before pulling the trigger on this investment, however. Knowing where you’ll get the best view, and the natural light you want during the time of the day that you want it is critical. Doing so will help boost your other intelligent, stylish design choices for your living room in the future.

3. Bold Wallpaper

Bland, single-color walls are not cohesive with the relaxed but energized aesthetic of beach living. If you want your living room to feel in-style, you need to go with a bold wallpaper that will pop immediately, and will make your visitors feel excited about spending time in your home. Designs that emphasize the light, exotic and colorful nature of beach living are important when choosing a bold wallpaper to spice up your beach house’s living room. Find the one that’s right for your aesthetic, and you’ll soon have a living room that will be the talk of your beach community.

4. Sectional Slip-Covers

Beach Home’s Living Room

When you’re living by the beach, sand and other environmental annoyances are certain to make their way into your home (no matter how hard you try to prevent this frustration). If you want to keep your living room’s sectionals and other pieces of furniture durable, clean, and comfortable, investing in durable, good-looking slipcovers to put over them is an absolute necessity. This way, after a particularly sandy tornado of visitors, comes to see you, you can get rid of the sandy build-up without having to fully clean your couches. After you’ve been living in your beach home for a few months, you’ll regret not immediately investing in a sectional slip-cover, so put this item high up on your list.

5. Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing every room of your beach house. The living room is especially important since you’re certain to host others in the space frequently. While hardwood flooring can look incredibly classy, it’s easily damaged by material that is always surrounding your home. Vinyl flooring is much more durable, easy to clean, and (if the need arises) repair. By investing in vinyl flooring, you can feel much more relaxed when you’re coming and going, and when you’re hosting people in your fancy beach house living room.

6. A Giant Conch Shell

If you love playful, goofy decorations, there is one piece of living room art that kills the competition for decorating a beach house’s living room: a giant conch shell. These shells are classic, and the size of the giant conch shells makes them both beautiful and hilarious (a combination that’s incredibly hard to achieve). Finding the perfect spot for a giant conch shell is the hard part. Finding a nice side table to feature it on, or placing it in the middle of a huge coffee table, is a surefire way to make it blend into the aesthetic of your beach home’s living room. Some conch shells can even play a tune to entertain your guests!

7. A Dreamy Living Room Awaits

With these amazing products and design choices, you can ensure your beach home’s living room is phenomenally decorated. Many of these items are incredibly affordable and can make you fit in with the beach town you’re living in with ease. Aesthetics and comfort are everything when it comes to designing your living room, and these six products will ensure you immediately make your beach home’s living room incredibly dreamy.