. How to Prepare Charity Clothes and Make Them Presentable

How to Prepare Charity Clothes and Make Them Presentable


Any clothing, whether it does not have a fashion sense, is donatable. Giving away your clothes to charity contributes to the community and helps protect the environment.

When seasons change, your closet changes. That’s why you might notice some charitable clothes during cleaning.

Actually, there are a lot of benefits when you donate your unused and unwanted clothes:

  • You will have a lighter closet, and it gives space for new ones, especially when seasons change; your wardrobe changes. 
  • Recycles and limits wastes in landfills.
  • Helps members in the community who do not have proper clothing.
  • Earn a tax deduction.
  • Sets a good role model to younger generations.

If you want to start to donate your clothes and live generously, here is how you can prepare the clothes for donation. Ensure that you approach and donate to a reputable organization. 

How to Prepare Clothes for Donation

You have to sort out the clothes you plan to donate before getting them ready. Ensure that the clothes are in proper shape. Charity retailers or organizations do not accept damaged clothes. If the clothes have stains, color fades, and visible rips, recycle them instead of donating them. When donating clothing, the rule of thumb is that you should not donate if you do not want it yourself.

Here’s a quick preparation you can do for the charity clothes.

Check pockets and repair buttons

After sorting, you can check the pockets of the clothes to ensure no essential items are left on the clothes. If you see the clothes are missing a button, ensure to repair and replace it with a new one. 

Laundry clothes

 charity clothes

You have to ensure that the clothes you are about to donate are clean and odor-free. If you have a pile to donate, you can bring it to the nearest laundry service and have it washed. 

Pack in the right container

After you receive your laundered clothes from the nearest laundry pickup and delivery service, it is time to segregate the donated clothes into their right container. You can use large plastic containers.

Label the containers

It is best to label the containers and place them with a short description to ensure it is sent to the right people.

Create a list of the donated items

Prepare a list of the items you are about to donate to prevent taking everything out of the bag. This list is important when filling out a receipt at the donation drop-off.

Maintain proper documentation of your contributions. This is the only way to verify your claim for the charitable deduction for a cash gift.

Where to Donate Clothes?

If you have not found an organization to donate your clothes to, you can choose several organizations around your area. But, if the shelter is far from your location, you can take the clothes to a charity shop.

When none of these two options work for you, some charities offer clothes that pick up at your doorstep. Remember, it is better to give than to receive.