. Embrace Confidence: 8 Striking Asymmetrical Haircut Styles

Embrace Confidence: 8 Striking Asymmetrical Haircut Styles

Asymmetrical Haircut

Women love to style hair, and hair styling and cutting directly represent their personality. Therefore, stylish haircuts describe a lot about themselves and play a huge role in women’s lives.

So those who don’t like to have long hair or are thinking of experimenting with the hairstyle should go for short hair styling. And what can be better than short asymmetrical haircuts

Short hairstyles are very interesting, and currently, they are in fashion. Young women love to try funky hairstyles, and for those who don’t have much time to maintain long hair, there are symmetrical hairstyle options that are elegant as well.

That’s why here are the top asymmetrical hairstyle options anyone can try.

Choosing the perfect haircut

Face shape 

When choosing the perfect option for asymmetrical haircuts, consider that face shape plays a huge role. Haircuts should be chosen to enhance the features of the face and suit your face shape. 

Oval shape

If you have an oval-shaped face, adding some layers or bangs will pull attention to your facial features like eyes and cheekbones.

Round shape 

Then, for a round face, having long hair suits the most. For this face shape, having curly and baby hair looks amazing. If anyone wants short hair, they can try a pixie cut with some layering at the top.

Oval shape

For people with oval shapes, facial structure has to enhance the features of the face and eyes. So, in such a case, you can go for a hairstyle like shoulder-length hair with layering, then blunt Bob, curly Bob, etc.

Heart shape

A heart-shaped haircut requires hiding the forehead and highlighting the eye feature. Hence, for this face shape, butterfly cut, long Bob, shoulder-length lob, framing shag, etc., will look perfect.

Square shape 

In a square-shaped face to complement the face structure, soft side bangs, long hair layers, diamond cut, etc., will suit the face perfectly.

Diamond face

The diamond-shaped people have beautifully shaped cheeks and eyes. So to enhance those features, soft layers, side bangs, textured lob, etc., 

Hair type 

Now, based on straight, wavy, and curly haircuts, you have to choose the perfect haircut for yourself with the help of your hairdresser. 
If you have straight hair, having some bangs, short bobs, pixie cuts, lobs, etc., is fine.
For wavy hair, layering looks perfect. Besides that can go for a layered lob, wavy Bob, wavy shag, bangs, etc.
For Curly hair, cuts like a pixie cut, curly Bob, or curly shag, this kind of haircut is appropriate.

Hair quality

Based On The hair quality, the haircut matters a bit as well. So it will be better to improve your hair’s quality so that any type of haircut suits your face.

But for now, if you have thin hair, you should go for layering, and Bob Pixie is the best.

Hair Color 

If you want a haircut that will enhance your hair color, you must suggest that to your hairdresser. But, most of the time, Bob, Pixie, and layers look good. 

Top 8 asymmetrical haircuts to try 

Asymmetrical Pixie 

The asymmetrical Pixie is a pretty stylish haircut. It looks great on straight hair as so many things are going on in the asymmetrical Pixie cut; that’s why it’s more appropriate for straight hair. But people with curly or wavy hair can try it as well.
In this haircut, the hair gets very short, which involves cutting hair very short at the back and one side of the head. So you will notice that the hairdresser will most likely start by cutting the hair small from the side.

Then, on the backside of the head, the hairdresser will elevate the hair-cutting structure based on the head shape.
On the other side and top of the head, the hairdresser will leave a length that will help shape the look. The long part of the hair will be cut and shaped diagonally, and on the top of the head, the hair will be layers based on the preferred styling.
This hairstyle will look great on people with an oval, diamond, or heart-shaped face structure. Top celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz etc. 

Asymmetrical Bob

For the asymmetrical Bob cut, the hair stays shoulder-length. If you don’t like hair styling that is too short, then the asymmetrical Bob cut can be a good choice.

This asymmetrical Bob cut will look best on wavy hair, but if anyone wants, they should try it on straight or curly hair. 
This hairstyle is created after parting the hair on both sides of the head. Then, all the parts of the hair side front and back will be cut to the same length.

Your hair will look clean and well-managed. Then, after the hair is done with the asymmetrical Bob hair cutting, based on the customer’s preference, they can try the hair styling by doing a side parting. 
Also, this hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes like round, oval, heart-shaped, squares, etc., but if you have a round or oval face, it will be the most suitable face shape for the asymmetrical Bob haircut.

This hairstyle was tried by Lucy Hale, Zoe Saldana etc. 

A-line Lob

The A-line Lob is one of the best short asymmetrical haircuts anyone can use. This lob haircut is suitable for all hair types and is perfect for all occasions.
In this haircut, both sides of the hair are longer than the back of the hair. The hair is cut so that by the middle parting, it will look equally clean and well-shaped.

And by the side parting, it will look asymmetrical. This shoulder-length haircut will cover the bottom of your neck from the back and reach the shoulder length in the front. 
The whole haircut is styled angular or diagonally to enhance the face shape and add volume to the hair at the back of the head.

So, if you have diamond-shaped, round, or long face shapes, you can try this haircut. Are celebrities like Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian who has tried this haircut. 

Asymmetrical Layered Bob

This asymmetrical layer to Bob will look amazing in almost all types of face shapes. For wavy hair these short hairstyles asymmetrical look incredible.
This haircut has a lot of layering and volume that completes the look. This haircut has an edgy look where the length is shorter on one side than the other.

Instead of only cutting the lower part of the hair, the hairdresser will design the top, middle, and lower parts.

This way, you will have incredible volume and a classy-looking haircut. In this haircut, the hairdresser can take a step further and allow you to keep different parts of your hair long to your chest, and this experiment will look nice if you have straight hair.
This is a perfect option for people who love to experiment with new hair colors, as it allows you to add new colors at different layers or parts of the hair.

You can see this haircut on Jennifer Anniston, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and many other celebrities.

Curly asymmetrical 

Well, as we know, no matter what haircut people with curly or coily hair try, the hairstyle doesn’t stay put for a long time, either wet or dry cute.

Therefore, even though people with curly hair want a Pixie or Bob cut, they can’t achieve their desired hairstyle.
In that case, to achieve the desired haircut, the hairdresser must take the challenge and balance the hair structure by using wet and dry cuts.

By considering the asymmetrical Bob cut in mind, hairdressers need to get balance by utilizing the hair volume.

One side of the hair can have short hair, which will be around 3 to 5 inches, and then the length will gradually increase on the other side. But if you have something particular in mind, you should describe it to your hairdresser.

Most iconic singer Beyonce has tried the curly asymmetrical haircut.

Asymmetrical Bob with side bangs

For those who like to experiment with their hairstyle but don’t want to try something drastic, then Asymmetrical Bob with side bangs is for them. This haircut is suitable for most face shapes. Anyone with straight or wavy hair can try this.
You can enjoy the short-length Bob cut in this haircut and have an incredible asymmetrical look by side-parting the hair. And when you side part, side Bang will add some fascinating twists to the look.

Like the front bang, the side bangs are not sharply cut. They are softer in look. But that doesn’t mean the bangs ruin the Bob cut; you can still notice the shortest side of your haircut and the longer side.
You should try this Asymmetrical Bob with a side bangs haircut to experiment with your look and achieve an elegant and interesting look. You’ll see many photographs of Vanessa Hudgens with this gorgeous haircut.

Short Asymmetrical with Shaved side 

Not Everyone understands how interesting this haircut is. You can simply cut your hair in an asymmetrical Bob or a Shaggy haircut, where the unique pixie cut will minimize the forehead and give you a new facial look.
After that, based on the asymmetrical haircut on the short part of the hair, an undercut hairdo will make the look eye-catching. Or, if you want, you can shave the side of your head.

This way, you can showcase the clear shaved undercut after partitioning your hair properly. Or you can disguise the Shaved section of your head beneath The Bob cut.
This haircut will look amazing on people with round diamond or oval-shaped faces and is perfect for people with straight or wavy hair.

This fun hairstyle is done by so many celebrities like Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Demi Lovato etc.

Long asymmetrical hair with bangs

Even though it sounds like you will have long hair because of this haircut, it’s technically wrong. This haircut would be at shoulder length or maximum; it can be long to the upper chest part.

This haircut is a perfect option for a heart, oval, and square-shaped face. 
In this haircut, the back of the hair is very short around the lower part of the neck to maintain a proper sequence. Then, both sides of the front part of the haircut will be longer, most likely in a Bob cut.

Also, if anyone wants, they can ask the hairdresser to do layering or any deep asymmetrical cut. Finally, the most important part of the hairstyle is at the front of the face; between the two longer lengths of the hair, they would be bangs. 
The angle bangs and the long hair part will provide a noticeable asymmetrical look, help you keep a simple yet bold look, and allow you to cover your forehead.

This haircut is mostly suitable for women with straight hair and is easy to maintain, but women with curly hair can also try this. Taylor Swift has tried haircut like this besides that celebrities like Rihanna, Joey King have also tried it.

 Tips to maintain the hair and asymmetrical design

Well, those with short hair have to put effort into making their hairstyle look perfect all the time. And to do so, there are a few tips that you must follow,

  • To have a natural asymmetrical hair design, you should avoid hair styling products and try to air dry and crunch the wet hair to get a natural look.
  • You should trim your asymmetrical hair cut every 3 to 6 weeks to maintain the haircut and its style.
  • You have to take care of your hair, and because of low maintenance, if it gets dirty, it will look out of shape.
  • There is no need to comb your hair often, as short hair doesn’t get tangled. You can simply use your fingers. Combining your hair too much will break your hair and make it look flat.
  • You have to keep doing deep conditioning for your hair to stay hydrated and shiny.



People generally are not confident enough to experiment with their hair, but those who like short hair aren’t afraid of experimenting with style.

So, if you are planning to cut your hair short again, then you should try these unique short asymmetrical haircuts. 

Having some fun haircutting is pretty interesting, so If you want to achieve short, funky hairstyles, you should definitely go for Pixie cut hairstyles.

But if you like a more elegant look, then a Bob cut is what you should go for.

Ultimately, It is understandable that not every woman likes to have long hair, and those who want to try short hair get confused because of their hair type and face shape.

So, instead of being worried and confused, you should discuss it with your hairstylist and what hairstyle you love to do among these top 8 options.